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HEY..... sorry guys as you know school is out and at the end we are hit with exams. I know bad excuse. Hey do you guys ship Phan? And can you guess what movie the guy up top is from?


Connor POV (didn't think it would be him? Mwhahah)

I stare at Iz as she grabs my hand and starts to dial the wolves first.
"Hey Sam I need your help, I know I know Jacob is really in a bad mood, no I'm off limits to him, I don't care how much he wants to imprint in me I'm Connors just.... ugh fine keep the pup off okay? Ya see you soon. WAIT how will they get in? I know your the son of Ares. "
She kept on pausing you can guess the conversation atleast they know Iz and I are together, but Sam a son of Ares? Wow. She starts speaking " Oh ok well I will see you soon and let me call the Cullens, Sam." Uh on that was her warning voice, I grab her and and squeeze it and she calms. "We need them see you soon." She hung up on him. " Iz is it okay when the pup and them come here if I can you know, play a prank or two. Maybe seven?" She laughs and nods I cheer inside. She starts to dial and starts to talk she explains everything and they will come over tommorow.


God's I wish we could get a break I get out my sword let go of Connors hand and head to the arena. I dicide to listen to my brothers thoughts
"I wounder if Jason wants" Ew. That is gross he and Jason ugh I won't say it's gross. I run to the arena and see them. Oh... he was thinking strategies to win! Haha. I check the time and see we have to teach classes soon.


Hope you enjoyed I will try to wrap this story up in the summer

Till the next update

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