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~3 years later~

Mika POV:

It was a rainy cold night as I snuggled closed to my husband and lover for comfort. We were holding each other close on our big bed, on our cottage, on the middle of the forest...our home. I wasn't feeling well at all and I had a bad feeling about it. Since we were both Werewolves' shape shifters, we knew that most human sickness didn't touch us. Even though, I was pretty sure it was something I ate, so I was trying really hard to calm myself and not alarm him just for nothing.

"Mika..." Lucien said, rubbing my back softly and looking at the roof, breaking the comfortable silence between us. "We've been married for 2 years and mated for 3 years already right?" I nodded, unsure where he was going with this. "I know you more than you know yourself, you know that, right?" he said and I hummed affirmative. "And because of that, I know that you are trying very hard to cover what you are really feeling...but honey, that won't work. Remember that we are linked telepathically...mind and soul one together. No matter what, I will always know what you think and feel...besides," he said smirking, his amber eyes twinkling with laughter, "You still have to learn to block me, the über-alpha, and leader of this pack. Even though you have learned a still need practice." He exhaled and hugged me close to him. "Love, you're my mate...the person I love with all my heart and with all that I am. No secrets, no barriers...tell me the truth."

I exhaled loudly and sat on, getting out of his warm embrace.

"Fine. The truth is that I haven't felt ok since yesterday morning when you left to the meeting. I'm feeling nauseous all the time and almost all that I smell revolves my stomach...which is a bad sign for a werewolf since we relate on our smelling sense so much. My stomach has been hurting since then and my head has been pounding non-stop. I thought it could be food poison or something like that but I have the feeling that is something more and...I'm scared Luc."

Lucien POV:

I saw the look on Mika's face and I was pretty sure that he was telling the truth...and I was totally certain he was scared. I held him tight on my arms, hugging him for all that was worth. Since the time I knew Mika, I have never seen him this scared or unsure of something.

"Love, why don't we both go to the doctor in the morning? Let's see what's wrong and how we can fix it, hmm?" I ask just in case, even though I knew how much he hates to go.

"Ok. As much as I hate to go...I want to know what's wrong." He murmured on my shoulder.

"As you wish. Now let's sleep, we have a busy day tomorrow." And with that we both fell asleep, holding each other together.


"Papa!!!! Higher! Luka wanna jump higher!!" I held my son in my arms as I jumped up and down. He squealed in happiness when I did as he wanted.

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