Silas Harrison's Ex-Wife.

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Hello Everyone,

Sorry! You guys had to wait for so long. This is my new story. I hope you guys will like it. I want to clear few things before I start. I AM NOT GOOD IN ENGLISH. ENGLISH IS NOT MY LANGUAGE. But still I'm writing it in English because almost everyone can easily understand English here. so please I would appreciate if you guys would ignore my mistake. I'll get an editor soon.

Secondly. Please do not copy my story or my concept. This is my idea and concept please come up with your own.

Thank youEnjoy



Silas Harrison, world's well-known billionaire. Everyone knows him, he is one of the top famous guy in the world. He is Hot, Sexy, Successful and extremely wealthy. And me? no one even know my name except few friends and family.

who am I?

I'm Maria Wayne. Unfortunately a poor waitress at a stripers club at night and a server at Michelle's Hotel, a famous and Well-known hotel at the day time. Tough life. Right?

Oh! and most importantly, I'm the 'Ex-Wife' of "The Mr. Silas Harrison"...

My life's sucks but it got even worse when the man that I once loved came back in my life...


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