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No One POV:

Brasov, Romania

(Near the Transylvanian Alps)

It was the year 2xxx and the mating season was on again on the West European werewolve's pack where the Über-alpha's home was located since the beginning of their time. But this time it was of grand celebration since the new über-alpha ascending to the throne was about to find his mate. Females of the age range of 18 to 25 were in a line on display for the über-alpha. Alphas from all over the world brought their available females for the picking and they were anxious to see who would the über-alpha finally pick. Music soon started, announcing the arrival of the über-alpha. As he passed in front of the females, waiting for that feeling his parents told him he would feel when he find his mate, he was starting to feel disappointed as he got near the end of the line. None of them appealed to him and none made him feel anything at all. As he came back, a smell invaded his senses like no other. It was sweet, almost sickly so, and it had the power to almost bring him to his knees. Closing his eyes, the über-alpha followed his nose, inhaling more of that sweet smell until he found the source.

A young woman, no more than 20, stood up at the far end of the people. Her hair shined golden brown as the sunset took place, long onto her shoulders and cut in layers. Her bangs cut a little of visibility on her eyes but once he put his fingers under his shin and raised her head, he stopped breathing. The most beautiful amber eyes looked back at him, sprinkled with some emerald green. Her lips were full and strawberry pink, ready for the taking. He wondered if they were as soft as they looked.

"What's your name?" the über-alpha asked softly.

The young woman opened her eyes in surprise and stuttered all the way to her answer. "M-M-Mika...M-Mika Lee...your highness." she lowered her look in submission and respect, since he still was holding her face. Her voice was a little graver, more opaque that he thought, yet he didn't care.

"Beautiful..." the über-alpha whispered. He leaned down and took those soft plump lips on his, the kiss sending fireworks all over him. She shuddered and he knew she felt it too.

As soon as the kiss ended, he pick her up and brought her to his chambers to consume the mating. If they came out surrounded by the magic of the pack reflected in color's sparks, the mating was true, but if not, the male (or in this case the über-alpha) will have to try again.

On his way, Han Chang, the alpha of the Eastern Asian Division, stopped the alpha in his tracks. "Sir, are you sure? He is male and I'm sure he would be unable to give you children. Think of the future of the pa-"

"If that's the case, I'll deal with it when the time comes. Besides, we still have to see if this mating is true or not, so..." the über-alpha shrugged and kept walking, disappearing to his chambers.


As they entered the bedchambers, Mika could do nothing but stare. It was a really big place to be only a bedroom. The main piece dominating the room was a king sized, four posted, oak-carved bed in the middle of the room. Mika bet it was heavy just by looks alone. A couch lay facing the bed; white comfy-looking pillows decorated them innocently. Curtains on the side-windows shaded the visibility of the outside world. The room was beyond simple and it was absolutely perfect.

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