Prologue and Character Introduction

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Even though they have been among humans since the beginning, were-shifters were a very secretive species. Its variations ran from were-cats to werewolf and so on. All brothers' races, they lived peacefully and in harmony.

Until the war.

The legend tells that a thousand years ago, when the war broke, almost all were-beast died, making it the biggest massacre ever told. Most of the were-species got extinct in that war, making the werewolves the most powerful race standing. Since they fought together as a pack, unlike some other species, they survived and counterattacked as soon as they could, ending the war.

Most females were casualties since the enemy thought that by killing the females, the race was extinct. And they weren't far off. Even though the werewolves survived, they suffered the most female lost. The über-alpha bitch prayed to the goddess for help in the survival of her beloved race in exchange for her life, making the promise eternal. Nine months later, the über-alpha bitch gave birth to a boy. In her confusion, she reclaimed to the goddess as to why a boy when her race needed females to survive, but the goddess only made silence. Even though the alpha bitch didn't understand, she raised her son well. The answer to her questions came a few years later, when the mating season began. She thought that maybe her son will be the father of a lot of offspring, but when he mated with another male, making that the first mating between males, was when to some extent, things began to make sense. A couple of months later, her son got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful daughter and a son. Many years passed and some males gained the ability to give birth. She then understood the gift of the goddess, and knew that her beloved race was going to survive.

But soon, less and less males were able to get pregnant. The mating between males became really rare and, as the years passed, it stopped happening and all was forgotten.

Until now.

Character Introduction:

Main Characters:

Lucien Lunderveng:

- Über-alpha and in charge of more than eleven (11) packs worldwide. (districts and such.)

- Older brother of Logan.

- Mated to Mika, a male.

- Controls all four elements and telekinesis

Mika Lee:

- The only little boy of six sisters.

- Mated to Lucien making him the Uber-alpha "female".

- In charge of all things related to nature and wild-life in his pack.

- A healer and the only one who has the power to heal wild-life. (meaning plants and animals)

- Controls earth and water.

Logan Lunderveng:

- Lucien's little brother.

- A specialized nurse in the general hospital.

- Mated in secret to Vladymir.

- A healer.

- Controls water and wind

Vladymir Skyrim:

- Leader of the Royal Guard and an alpha. Also Lucien's or Mika's bodyguard when needed.

- Lucien's best friend.

- Mated in secret to Logan.

- Controls fire, earth and water.


1. Über-alpha: he's like the king of werewolves. He's in charge of all the packs in the world. It works like this to put it in a sense:

Über-alpha = President

Alphas = Governors

Betas = Mayors

So even though the alphas are leader of the pack, they report to the Über-alpha. The Über-alpha has a pack of his own besides having to be in charge of the rest.

2. All werewolves can communicate telepathically and can shift at will. (No waiting for the full moon XD)

3. Only a few have more special powers like healing and such.

4. The mating bond is performed in human form to be complete (Usually I would say human and wolf form but I'm not up to write wolf-sex and I'm sure you don't wanna read it, so I'll skip that ^w^). Once that happens, they will know the whole life of the other, having no secrets between them. Still, they respect each other's private thoughts and such. They can sense each other at all times and communicate each other telepathically over long distances. Once the mating is done and becomes true, the colors of their powers or pack will shimmer around them for a couple of hours. The mating bond is permanent until death. No one can mate against their will. It is forbidden and punishable by death. Besides, the mating will not be true...

5. Pregnancy can happen in human or wolf form (can be conceived either way). The female can shift until the moment of birth without harming the baby. The baby will just shift with her. At the moment of conception, the parents and the baby will form a bond, unbreakable by death only. The gestation time for a wolf is two month (if I'm not mistaken) so for this fic, the pregnancy time will be of six month.

6. Wolves can control an element. Depending how many elements you control, you go up the ranks. To be an alpha, one of the requisite is to be able to control 3 elements or more.

Disclaimer and Warning:

This story is a work of fiction. The names of the characters are real even though the story-line, dialogue, and incidents are the product of my imagination. If there is a book, story or a movie called the same it was pure coincidence and not intended. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental also.

This story is intended for mature readers only. If you're not 18 years or older, find something else to read. The following story features sexual acts between males in all forms and positions available, including oral sex and some light bonding, and the writing will be explicit.

Read at your own discretion. You've been warned.

The updates will be on fridays unless I say otherwise (with time) or i update early.

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