Chapter Three: Nyron

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Nyron had also told them to meet him at a cantina, but it was a different one from where they had met the Voxes, on the other side of town. Both Voxes carried their helmets under their arms as they walked, to make talking easier.
"This is your first mission, isn't it?" Asked Ishti casually as they made their way there, "How'd you join the Guild so early?"
"Of course!" piped in Da'bral, "You need four confirmed captures to join the Guild! Unless..."
"Unless you have friends in high places, or the Guild just got a whole new level of desperate. So which is it?"
"Our father is Kanso Vox," said Karlien proudly, "I suppose you could say he's a friend in a high place."
"Well, it's good to know it wasn't the latter." Ishti commented wryly.
Da'bral could only gasp in astonishment. "Kanso Vox?!" He exclaimed, "The legendary bounty hunter from the Great Hunt?"
"He's still around you know." Smirked Merich.
"It's an honour to meet you, I'm a huge fan of his."
"I wouldn't have guessed." Said Karlien with heavy sarcasm.
"Well that would explain why you joined the Guild," Ishti added, "I wouldn't have blamed you for going freelance otherwise; the Guild is in a mess at the moment."
"Whom do you take us for?" Objected Karlien furiously. "We're Voxes! Our family is famed for our honour, unlike those pieces of Bantha-fodder that got the Guild into the state it's in in the first place. The more people that leave the Guild, the worse it'll get."
Ishti looked stunned at first, but then a smile crept onto his face. "I couldn't have asked for a better answer." He said. "We're gonna get on well. But you must remember that you Voxes are not the only Corellians with honour."
"Nor the only beings." Added Da'bral reproachfully, making Karlien blush with embarrassment.
"Well, that's great I guess." Said Merich bewilderedly.

As they approached the cantina, Merich groaned in disgust. It was small, with grime and graffiti coating the walls, and it was crumbling at the corners.
"He's in there, really? Who is this guy? Seriously," he said, turning to the others, "what do we know about him?"
Da'bral brought a datapad out of a pouch on his belt and a hologram appeared as he tapped a button. Da'bral brought up Nyron's profile and read out the important information.
"Well, he's a human male from Alderaan, 28 years old, unusual methods, skilled with knives and stealth, can take a beating..."
"Can take a beating?" Merich glanced at the cantina, "Figures."
"That's it." Da'bral shrugged, putting away his datapad. "I guess we'll have to find out the rest for ourselves, let's go find him, guys!"
The others reluctantly followed him inside.

Chaos greeted them.
"Well this gives a whole new meaning to 'can take a beating.'" Da'bral's eyes were wide as he watched the madness unfold. The beings stumbling, flying, and mauling across the room were from a myriad of different species, but they were all lowlifes, and they were all fighting. One stood out. The centre of all the fighting, he tore into each being that dared face him. There was barely a blemish on him. Immaculate but for several bruises , he casually fought on. Ishti smiled coyly at his companions, "Any of you kids ever been in a cantina brawl?"
They hurriedly shook their heads, terrified.
"Neither have I." He winked at them and confidently strolled to the centre of the cantina, straight towards the man who had just sent a Lasat sprawling. He moved to talk to him but was shoved by an Ithorian, and would have been winded were it not for his armour. As it was, he was simply brushed aside, and the Ithorian winced in pain.
"Stay outta this one, aight?" yelled the man to the bounty hunters,  "I got 'em!"
Amazed at the man's confidence, Ishti dodged (with varying success) his way out of the maul of bodies and dizzily span to the doorway. Karlien and Da'bral caught him and they made their way outside.

Bewildered, they waited the fight out until they heard the man's drawling voice call from inside.
"Told y'all I'd get 'em! Your good to come in now!"
Nervously eying the others, Karlien stood up. The others then followed suit and they hesitantly opened the door. Arms spread in welcome, the man stood, confidently in the centre of the cantina, battered, yet seemingly unaffected by it, with the other fighters groaning on the ground.

"Nyron at your service! I believe y'all've been looking for me."

Author's Note: The Voxes were intended to be Mandalorian by Karlien's creator, captionchesse , but I realised that the Mandalorians were not bounty hunters during the time that this is set, so I made them Corellian.

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