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Harry clicked the door closed softly. He looked at his wife turning over to look up to him.

"Harry, where have you been?" She asked as he took off his suit from hours before.

"Niall was too bloody drunk to drive, I had to take him home and we just got to talking." The fib rolled right off his tongue. He had been with his lover wrestling beneath the sheets.

Nikki sighed reaching a hand for her husband. "Oh, alright come to bed." She croaked her voice hoarse from the deep sleep the alcohol had her in.

"Let me go brush my teeth darling," he patted her hand before going to the bathroom to rather brush off any evidence of his affair.

He studied himself in the mirror. His hair disheveled and flopping on his forehead making him appear 5 years younger. His top two buttons ripped off and his pants barely zipped. He was lucky the lights were off and Nikki hadn't seen him in this state. Turning on the sink he noticed a fresh bruise coloring on his color bone. He sighed annoyed and took a bit of Nikki's make up to cover the hickie. He finished washing his face returned to his snoring wife. He slid in bed and stared at the ceiling pondering his affairs.

Mila was good to him, inexperienced but good. He couldn't ask for more than her, yet he still wanted more. Yet, he still had more.


The sun shone brightly through Mila's white curtains. She sat up rubbing her eyes and looking around at her messy room. She would spend her day-off cleaning and finally unpacking completely. She stood from the bed and shuffled into the bathroom to brush her teeth and change into some lounge clothing.

As Mila worked she thought about last night and how Harry had barely spoke to her after he left with his wife. Perhaps time had escaped him and he was enjoying his guests. Or maybe he was just trying to create the illusion of distance for his wife.

When the party was over he escorted her out and handed her a hundred dollar bill for the night.

"Bloody hell, just take it." He shoved the bill into her pocket. She fought his hand and tried to refuse.

"I can't help but feel like you're paying me off for something more than babysitting." She bit back at him. Harry looked at her dangerously.

"Why would I need to pay for, what's already mine?" He stated more than asked. Mila looked at him curiously.

"Take the damn money, and go on home." He shooed her as his friends were nearing the door.

"Yes sir, good night." She spoke softly and a bit afraid of the tone of his voice. When he spoke to her that way it messed with her lady bits. She couldn't help but have dirty thoughts of his gruff, raspy voice mumbling dirty nothing's in her ear as he ravaged her like a wild beast.

She looked back over her shoulder and he was tapping his fingers across his phone. She would rush home to charge her phone and find no messages from her lover. She was a bit confused and feeling playful she texted Harry.

Seeing you all "daddied up" made my princess parts tingle (;

She bit her lip before almost throwing up from what she wrote. She decided against it and erased the message.

You're princess is waiting for you

She decided on short and sweet. She chewed on her bottom lip waiting for a response. He never responded. She fell asleep a bit sad and defeated. Surely he was having his wife tonight instead. She thought bitterly.

Focusing back on her cleaning ahead she had already finished her horrendous room and decided that was enough for now and she would go swimming for a while. She slips into her favorite one piece, and let her hair loose, and grabs a towel to enjoy the sunny cool morning.

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