Love in a Test-Tube

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Title:  Love in a Test-Tube

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Status: Complete

Written by xcandie_bunnieX 

Tags Used : Short Story

Summary: In this short story, Love in a Test-tube , the author tackles the big question - what is love?xcandie_bunnieX   looks at the question in a great new way! Two researcher scientists are sent a package with a chemical in it, labelled Love. They have recently researched other emotions, but when they are given the unenviable task of trying to break love down based on its chemical components, they found that analysing Love is quite a challenge. 



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Review : 

This is a fun concept and amusing too. 

They conduct their experiments steadily, and without emotion Rob and Rian log what happens to love under different conditions. The theme is actually thought provoking and touching as Rob deals with the fallout when he gets home after getting results that were both colourful and confusing.

The writing is sensitive to the personalities of the two main characters. Rian 'wears his goggles as if they could hide him from the world', while Rob's world is the lab.

So what is love? Sure, the feelings we know are triggered by chemicals, but it's one of those things that science can't quantify so simply.  

Love in a Test-tube is an unusual story. Though it doesn't remind me of any other book or film directly, it does make me think of how Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would approach the scientific challenge.

This was a fun concept. It's a little quirky and while it isn't standard scifi fare I found it refreshing. Also, despite the title, it manages not to be romantic, which was a plus for me!!

Review by: Anon

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