Chapter 33

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Tris P.O.V:

I run for ages with 2 babies in my arms and a dog, eventually deciding that they can stay at my parent's house for a couple of days. Luckily, they have baby stuff because they knew I'd be making them look after the kids at some point. I knock on the door 5 times, waking up the sleeping Xaiver, to be honest, I'm surprised he didn't wake up earlier.

My dad answers wearing his nightgown, looking concerned. I ask him if he'll look after the 3 of them for a while and I'll pick them up soon. "Tris, what's happening?"
"I'll call you and tell you but right now I don't have time."
"Thanks Dad! Love you!"
I start to run and make my way to the wall. It's not been guarded for a while so almost anyone can get through now.

After getting through the wall, I look at the horrible wasteland in front of me and try my best to avoid the worst bits. It's terrible. What actually happened to this place?!

I run and run until my legs hurt and it's dark. I hope Uriah and the kids are alright. Uriah... He must hate me!!! Oh god! My life is ruined.

I see a bright light in the distance slowly getting bigger and a loud motor kind of noise. It's a helicopter. What?!

I try to run back but it easily catches up so I give up. It lands a couple of inches in front of me and the door opens. It's Matthew.

Matthew! I haven't seen him since the war when we basically defeated David. We run up to each other and hug, which doesn't take long considering he was already in front of me. "Matthew! It's great to see you!"
"Tris! It's great to see you too! But... What are you doing here? I was just checking the perimeter and saw you!"
"Well... It's kind of a long story..."
"That's fine, tell me when we get back to the Bureau."
"The Bureau! I can't go back there!"
"Why not?"
"David! Four! Caleb! Nita!"
"Well, David doesn't remember anything. Caleb is fine and working in private quarters. Four is with you, oh yes, and that reminds me he came back a couple years ago and brought Nita back with him. Why?"
"I don't know but we're not together."
"Oh, I'm sorry! What happened?"
"I'll tell you later. It's part of the story."
"Oh... Please, follow me."
We get onto the helicopter and fly towards the Bureau.

We land and walk into the Bureau. It looks so different. "Is David still in charge? He's changed this place a lot."
"No. They wouldn't let him."
"Who's in charge? I wanna talk to him."
"Well, you kind of already are."
"Oh my... You're in charge!"
"Why didn't you tell me?!"
"I don't know. You seemed kind of overwhelmed already so..."
We both laugh and he starts to take me on a tour.

The last stop is his office. David's old one. It looks so different. We sit down and start to talk about what's happened since I last saw him - it was a long story.

"Well, your life is terrible."
"I guess... So what's going on with your life?"
"Well, after the war, David forgot everything as you know, so he obviously couldn't be in charge. We had an election and I ended up getting chosen. Nita got mad about that, not surprising because she's a b**ch," I laugh, "Then Four showed up, according to you he was here on a 'mission' but he wasn't. I caught him sleeping with Nita the first night and just assumed he was doing it every night because I always heard s*x sounds. I didn't know what happened with you two. Maybe a fall out?"
"We never actually broke up but he left for 2 years and was with someone when he came back."
"Oh my God!" I cry with laughter, "that is a beautiful representation."
"I just have a way with words I guess."
"I've missed you, Matthew." I hug him.
"I've missed you too, Tris. Sorry to ruin the moment but where are your kids? Verity and Xavier was it? Oh and Tiny as well, even though he's a dog."
"They're at my parents house."
"They can stay here with you if you want. We can pick them up in the morning."
"That would be perfect!"
"No problem. Come on, it's late. I'll show you your room."
"Thanks Matthew."

He takes me to my room, which is big enough for me, Uriah, Verity, Xavier and Tiny to stay in. Uriah... I wonder what he's thinking about this whole thing.

Uriah P.O.V:

After Tris ran away, I didn't know what to think. Four kissed her on the night of our wedding?! And she didn't tell me?! I look at Four, who was across from me, dead in the eye. He will pay for this. I launch towards him while he flinches. I was surprised nobody stopped me. Everyone thinks he deserved it. It's his fault all this happened and his stupid girlfriend! I punch him in the face and continue to punch him multiple times until Zeke and Will lift me off him, with help from Dylan and Jake. "Ok, that's enough now, bro," Zeke says, out of breath, "man, how much do you eat? You weigh more than Shauna!" Shauna glares him but smiles after a couple of seconds because they cheered me up slightly. "I'm gonna go look for Tris. Any help?"
"We wish we could but we have that big fight tomorrow." Ben says, on behalf of the initiates. They all look at me and smile as I say "that's fine. Good luck."
"Thanks, we'll need it. Especially having to spend the day with him." Jade says, nodding to Four, who was already walking away with Nita.

Everyone else helps me look and we look everywhere possible. She's nowhere to be seen! We go to her parents house to see if they know anything. Natalie answers in her dressing gown, oh yeah, after all that's been happening, I forgot how late it was. She tells me about Tris and how she was acting. She invites us all in and let's us sleep downstairs so we can go out and find her tomorrow. I can't sleep so I just explore, I've never properly been to her parents house so I don't know much about it. I hear baby cries coming from upstairs so I run, not caring who I wake up, and see Verity, Xavier and Tiny. Tiny sleeping, Xavier crying and Verity trying to calm him down, she's adorable.
"Yes, sweetie."
"Where's mummy?"
"I think she's a bit busy, she'll be back soon."
"Can you stay with me and baby Xavier tonight?"
"Of course."
After that we fall asleep, all cuddling and waiting for Tris.
Hi! Long chapter for once! 1308 words! Yay! I really hope you enjoy this. It took my entire weekend to write. I wrote this listening to BTS 'Run'. It really relates -listen to it now please! It's amazing! BTS are bae! I can't choose a favourite. Do you like BTS? If so, who's your favourite? And what's your favourite song? I also can't choose!
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