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Hello my trusty compadres! 😍 So I just wanted to keep you in the loop - my loop thats currently a dark black death pit without time to write or once... But we're getting there!! 

If you didn't already know, I was in the middle of my first time moving. I am just starting to get settled, so a new chapter of Shots should be up soon!! (Sometime this coming week) Ya know... You guys have been such an inspiration to me, I'm over here having a life Crisis (lol) and you have all been SO supportive, even if you didn't know about the circumstances. I've gotten loads of private messages, comment etc, from some incredible oncers of whom I consider my dear friends - helping me stay motivated and true to myself. I've cried several times (good tears) just because the sheer awesomeness you guys have, and the PASSION!! Now matter where I go, I'll always have you :3
Y'all deserve so much credit.... you have such big hearts and I'm so privileged to know each and evey one of you. :3 *hugs*

In other news I do have a new book that will be shortly published (no worries, Shots is still my TOP priority) If Anyone would be interested in Reading "Cross my Heart"  - Id be absolutely thrilled if you'd check it out once it's published! :) Its A CS story taking place during world war II 😉 #soldierkillian #consentrationcamp

Love you guys! I hope you all still can even recall who I am lol, cause I remember each of you.... And I miss you 😫😰😍

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