His Bubblegum Klutz by CJustMe

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Author: CJustME

Parts: 75

Status: Completed. Undergoing editing

Linked books: Return of His Bubblegum Klutz- Sequel

Genre: Humor


You're standing in your favorite ice-cream store with your favorite flavored ice-cream.Then out of nowhere, as you turn, you bump into someone and spill all the delicious contents of pure bubblegum all over a jacket - a leather jacket to be precise. You're obviously infuriated because the idiot got in your way, or maybe you got in his way, and just as you open your mouth to yell at the person - you see who it is. Instead of yelling, you blurt out the next couple of words on impulse, "Your eyes are the same color as bubblegum!" To make yourself look like a complete moron in front of someone is something, but to make a fool out of yourself in front of Jay Taylor is another thing altogether. He lifts his face to see who had bumped into him, "Bubblegum out of all flavors? Really?" He asks with one eyebrow raised as he interrogates me on not only my choice of flavor, but my way of life. "I hate bubblegum." He mutters under his breath as he shakes his head at me and turns to walk away, but being my impulsive self I just have to yell, "It's a felony to hate bubblegum!"He stops dead in his tracks at my words and when he turns to face me head on with a deadpanned glare, it dawns on me that maybe I could have gotten off with ruining the bad boy's jacket without any consequences, but instead I just had to open my mouth.He leans in forward until I feel his breathing against the side of my ear, "It's not a felony to hate bubblegum, but it is a felony to destroy someone else's property and that includes my jacket, as in my property."I take a step back in cowardly fear and it seems to amuse him further. I watch as he takes off his jacket and throws it over my face, "Clean it up Bubblegum Klutz and bring it to me tomorrow - same place, same time." *~*"Perhaps that was the turning point where my story truly begun. After all, I've been told that it's only the crazy relationships that last forever." ~ Aqueela Lawson

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