Coincidental Couple by AEKnight

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Author: Alexandra E. Knight ( AEKnight)

Parts: 28

Status: Complete

Genre: Teen fiction


A Las Vegas Bachelorette party gone wrong. "How was I going to explain to him everything that happened? I screwed everything up. So much for having fun. I mean, there had to be a bright side to all of this? Wasn't there?"Elline Knight, a woman overcoming a tough patch in her life moves to Chicago to start anew. Itching in the back of her head that she's still married to a complete stranger due to her little maneuver in Las Vegas, little did she know that she could discover some secrets that she'd never imagine in the Windy City. Max Richardson. Doctor. Handsome. Single...Or so he thought. This dangerous combination runs into the wrong woman, and its not the first time they've met... Let the fiasco begin.

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