My Badboy Neighbour (1, Good Girl) by yabookprincess

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Author: yabookprincess

Parts: 41

Status: Completed

Linked Books: Sequel- My Bad Girl Roommate (completed)

Genre: Teen fiction


There was a good girl, there was a bad boy and there was a bet.GOOD GIRL, Astrid Bailey was a sixteen year old who never got into trouble and was happy to be hidden behind her brother's (school's Golden Boy's) success. BAD BOY, Kai Asher liked to make inappropriate sexual innuendos, messed with law and broke girls' hearts. He was intense, rough, sexy and definitely something. He also just moved in next door.THE BET was made between the jocks so that one particular player had to try to win over the most hard to get girl.The bad boy turned out to be not so bad, the good girl turned out to be not so strong and the bet made it possible for their worlds to literally collide when they got into a car accident.With endless of fights, drama and heartbreak, Astrid was torn between her former crush and her new love.

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