SKIN by JuneValentine

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Author: JuneValentine

Parts: 20

Status: Completed

Genre: Werewolf


❝All wolves are the same. Some are just closer to being a real monster, and some are just hiding in sheep skin.❞Lennox Armstrong is the twenty-six year old Alpha who controls one of the biggest packs in the Northern hemisphere. The one difference between him and every other werewolf?He's less human and more wolf.With his pack house located at the other side of a college campus, it's inevitable that he meets Schuyler Bradshaw: a quirky nineteen year-old, past-help, obsessed-with-anything-and-everything-to-do-with-wolves girl who happens to be on a date with his Casanova-of-a-best-friend.Overcome by the drive to fulfill the inevitability of mating with the human girl or drive his more primal thoughts back down- betrayal, murder and something to dig your teeth in unfolds itself as Lennox is forced to learn if he's truly a monster that's just hiding in sheep's skin.

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