His Duchess by shaerzam

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Author: shaerzam

Parts: 49

Status: Completed

Genre: Romance


She is called The Ice Queen, due to her stoic non-readable features and her standoffish attitude towards people.

Angelica Taverron builds walls around herself from people she doesn't know or trust. She's secretly afraid to be used for her looks for others to use to their advantage, may it be man or woman.

Julien St. James is a tall, dark, and handsome, high profile business man with billions and is expanding his businesses into the western side of the states and also just moved across the street from the Taverron's.

His penetrating silver eyes captivate her and take her breath away, and secretly she desires him.

Julien secretly names her the Duchess, She has a daring strength, a wealth of knowledge, charm, grace and inner beauty.

He's confident, an Alpha, a leader and she likes that.

Her deep blue eyes are full of so many feminine secrets only one man will be lucky enough to unlock and Julien is determined that it be him.

Will he be the heat that melts all the ice...? Read to find out what big obstacles they try to overcome. Will they have a happily ever after? Or will a threat, greater then the both of them change everything they thought was right?

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