Mine by AdrianaWalker7

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Author: AdrianaWalker7

Parts: 65

Genre: Romance

Status: Completed


'You think this is funny?', she seethed. She shot a glance towards his company, who were looking anywhere but at the two of them.'And what do you expect me to do?', he asked composing himself.'I expect you to fix it.', she crossed her arms.'How? You think that dragon would listen to me? If you didn't pick up on it last night, I'm not exactly her favorite person.', he retorted.'I don't know. You did this. Now fix it.'-------Blake Cavanaugh is the very definition of 'no strings attached'. Irresistible and indispensible, he is in demand all the way from the football field to the management classrooms to the ladies. And what's more, he knows it. Burning his hours living the quintessential college life indulging in meaningless flings, he seeks to forget his troubled past, believing that anything deeper is unessential concept. That is until he meets Aria Roberts and he finds that she challenges his beliefs on the matter unlike anyone before.A victim of circumstance, college freshman Aria finds herself sharing an apartment with the uncomfortably good looking and ever charming Blake Cavanaugh. Always known as Ms. Goody-two-shoes, Aria is considered my many as the girl who's got it all. Little do they know that she nurses her own wounds when no one is around. But when Blake starts creeping inside the shell she's so marvelously built to keep the world at bay, she begins to question whether or not she really wants to keep him out in the first place. Do sparks really fly when opposites attract? Or do they burn down the house? Do you fall on your face if you take a leap of faith? Or do you fly over the horizon? Are you left with the disappointing ring of silence when you call out desperately in the dark? Or are you rewarded with a voice calling you back with the same desperation letting you know you're not alone? Well, the answer is quite simple.You won't know until give it a shot.AGE DISCRETION IS ADVISED

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