Help (North/South Korea+Asia Family)

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"Hey everybody, I have an idea!" Yong said to break the silence that twisted around the family, because their brother, Hyung, was home.
They were too shocked to speak, so they remained silent.
"Alright," he said. "Let's go swimming!" He yelled in an up-beat tone.
"I don't know...its-" Yao began to say but Mei Mei cut him off, "That's a great idea! It'll give us something to do and help to get over our shock."
"Let's go!" Shouted Yong, and ran off to his bedroom to get his swimsuit, the other Asian countrys following soon after.
Yong quickly got on his swim trunks, grabbed his towel and a bottle of sunscreen, then went to get Hyung to tell him to get a swimsuit on because they were going swimming. He knocked on the door.
"Hey Hyung, we're going swimming!" He yelled through the door.
"I don't want too!" Hyung said from inside.
"But you have to!" Yong exaggerated.
"All right then, if you won't come out, I'm coming in." Yong said then began opening the door.
"Seriously! Stop!" Hyung said from the others side and began trying to push the door shut again.
Yong finally succeeded in pushing the door open, and pushing Hyung onto the floor.
Yong looked around the room, seeing that it was quite messy, especially for just moving back in. There were clothes strewn around the room. Hyung's laptop was sitting on the desk, closed, along with a empty glass and a half full bottle of pills, still open and a few scattered on the desk. Yong noticed that on the bed, there was a bloody razor.
Yong gasped. "H-Hyung..." He looked at his twin brother.
Hyung just cast his eyes down in a shameful stare. "I-I'm sorry..."
Yong just covered his mouth, tears streaming down his face, and ran out of the room.
Hyung collapsed on the floor, and put his face in his hands.


"Hey Annki?" Yong asked quietly. They were on the pool, Hyung off to the side in the shade, refusing to wear a swimsuit or swim with the rest of the family.
"Yes aru?" Yao said.
"How can we make Hyung swim?" He said, just as quietly.
"I don't know." Yao said excitedly. "Throw him on the pool or something!"
"Okay? Well then will you help me?" Said Yong, feeling a little more energized and happy from Yao, and almost completely forgetting about his encounter in Hyung's room earlier.
"All right." He agreed. "How about we get Mei Mei and Kiku go help us?"
"Sure." Yong shrugged.
Yong and Yao swam over to Kiku and Mei Mei then whispered the plan in their ears. They agreed, and all got out of the pool and walked up to Hyung. Hyung looked up, confused of why they were all standing around him.
They all dived at him and picked him up at the same time, Hyung struggling to get away. They took him over to the pool, and easily tossed him in. The other Asians looked at him and laughed.
Hyung swam to the edge of the pool and climbed out, blushing madly. The group of four looked at him, and fell too the ground laughing. Hyung scowled, and stormed back off to where he was sitting before, sat down and crossed his arms, pouting like a small child.
The others jumped back in the pool and laughed about what they had just done.
Yong looked back over at Hyung, and saw he was crying.
"Hey guys," he said. "I'll be right back."
"All right," Mei Mei said, then continued to laugh.
Yong climbed out of the pool, then began to walk up to Hyung.
"Hey," he started, "you okay?"
Hyung looked up at him, scowling again, then ran off into the house.
Yong sighed, an plopped down, and picked up Hyung's book. It was a manga. 'I didn't know Hyung liked Manga.' Yong thought, then got up and chased after Hyung into the house.

The end


This was really bad, wasn't it. Really sucked I bet. Tell me what ya think below. I do read the comments, even if I don't reply.

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