Chapter 25: Purpose Tour and Hockey games

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I opened the bag and...

Justin's POV:
There was a folded up piece of paper I unfolded it. I read it around
"Congratulations Justin Drew Bieber. You have been chosen to drive the Zamboni at the Parker professional hockey team level 3 qualifying match. 
Please arrive Saturday March 6 at 10:00. "
Yay I was so super excited.
Maybe this meant we would have to leave Canada a little early, but then the whole family could come and see Jaylie play. 
I get to drive.

Time skip to the 6th----------
Jaylie's POV:
Today the whole family is going to get in the plane so that we can fly back to California for my hockey game.
I'm really nervous.
I'm also excited.
Jazzy says that's called nervcited.
Anyways,we got on the plane and I started on school. I also plugged in my headphones to my phone and put it on shuffle play of JB, 1D and T swizzle.
I jammed out.
Soon the plane came to a stop.
I gathered up my stuff and got off the plane. We went straight to the hockey rink.
I went to my locker and got on my hockey uniform and grabbed my lucky stick with my name ingraved in it. I also grabbed my ice skates that were signed by Wanye Gretzky.

I met up with the team and we practiced. We met the other team and the announcer announced that the parents would be coming in and so we need to get ready.
We got in our places and the game started.

Justin's POV:
I got in the Zamboni and I got out on the ice. Jaylie and Jaxon was in there with me.
I gave Jaylie the lecture on not giving up and how we will be proud of her no matter what.
Plus the game was already 4-2.
That's close.
I drove out on to the ice and smoothed it out.

After the game----------------
Jaylie's POV:
We won
I got qualified for level 3. All of us did.
Even the coach.

I was super tired. But daddy took us all out for ice cream.
We went back to Canada after that. Daddy has a whole week of shows there.

Next morning----------------
Daddy woke me up early so that we could escape and go to Tim Hortons.
We got some coffee.
Daddy needed gas for his Lamborghini so he sent me in with $10 so then I could get want I want there.
I grabbed Takis, sour patch kids, twizzlers and donut holes.
Of course that meant that I would have to share.
I went up and paid all by myself.
I walked out with a big bag of snacks and goodies for the Tour bus.
I got back in the car and we headed back.
We went to the bus lodge and loaded the buses.
I started on school and ate some Takis.

Time skip----------------------
We arrived at the arena at 4:00.
Daddy went to sound check and rehearsals and things like that.
I was in the couch eating Oreos when Fredo came up and stole one. "Really Alfredo?" I say
"But it's my birthday."
He said innocently.
I rolled my eyes and went back to texting Mia.


Justin's POV:
I was getting ready to go out on the stage.
I got lifted into the crazy dedicated beliebers and I sung.


Jaylie's POV:
I was super bored so I decided to sneak out on the stage. Daddy was singing children and there were the children on the stage.
I decided i would go on and dance behind daddy and see how he reacts.
I got out and started doing the dance.
It was fun.
Towards the end of the dance, daddy turned around and saw me. He smiled and his eyes went wide.  He picked me up.
"You can really dance." He said.
I nodded.
"I've been secretly taking classes with Nick to learn this."
I walked off the stage when daddy got all the kids names. I went back to the backstage only to find that all my Oreos were gone.
Oh Fredo I sighed.

Happy Birthday To You

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