I Just Recruited by the CIA Oh and I Think That I'm Falling in Love with the President's Gothic Son!

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Chapter One

"Okay now class if x is equal to twenty three than y would be..."

I drowned the rest of my math teacher's, voice Mrs. Crown, out as I doodled in my notebook; although I was suppose to be taking notes. Ugh, algebra, it was my least favorite subject; I was never very good at math. What was worse was that even in the twelfth grade and three years of integrated math classes I still can't understand the "simple" x and y problems meaning that if this was the easiest thing we were doing all year than math would once again be the c on my otherwise perfect a's. My parent's had long ago given up on me ever getting an a in math so they didn't bug me about it either, luckily for me, they were cool like that.

I was in the middle of drawing a fox when I felt a tap on my shoulder and a voice whisper "Hey Rachel"

I turned around; Bethany was holding a folded sheet of notebook paper. She handed it to me "It's from Ashley" She whispered before going back to actually taking notes instead of just pretending too like moi. I smiled and picked up the note, Ashley-Marie Kelly Jefferson was my absolute best friend in the world. We met in kindergarten when she tried to steal my crayons, I kicked her ass and she gave them back and went to the nurse with a sprained wrist and I nearly got expelled from that elementary school, we apologized to each other later and became completely inseparable after that. I made sure that Crown wasn't looking and than unfolded the short note with Ashley's handwriting sprawled across it.

Ugh, she is the most boring teacher ever!

I stifled a laugh and quickly scribbled something back.

Yeah I know right? Can't wait until she goes on maternity leave.

I passed it back to Bethany who continued the train back to Heather, then Perry, and then back to Ashley. A few minutes later Bethany handed me her response.

Yeah totally, I feel sorry for the poor baby that ends up with her as a mother though.

I tried, and failed this time, to stifle a laugh causing Mrs. Crown's head to snap towards me.

"Ms. Alexanders would you like to share with the class what you find so incredibly amusing?" She asked.

"Um....I....I" I started to stutter out.

A loud ringing suddenly interrupted me.

Mrs. Crown sighed. "Alright than you're dismissed" She said walking back over to her desk. I grabbed my book bag and flew out the door and than had to push my past the crowds of people that had gathered in the hall, honestly couldn't people jus talk to their friends at lunch or when they got home? Did they really have to suddenly become immobile and gather in crowds that take up nearly the entire hallway it was so annoying! I somehow managed to reach the locker that me and Ashley shared and started to dial the combination. I was putting my algebra book when Ashley came bounding up.

"Hey Rae, not to sound cliché or anything but if there was ever a case of saved by the bell than that would be it." She said tossing her algebra book in our locker.

"Tell me about it" I said grabbing my lunch. "Come on I want to get a table in the shade before there all filled up." I said walking towards the outdoor lunch tables with Ash right behind me. I pushed open the double doors and glanced around, then walked over to an empty one near the English hallway which was extremely convenient considering me and Ashley had that class next, we were both in all the same classes with each other. We sat down and dumped out lunches onto the table.

"Alright what have you got?" I asked her studying the lunch my mom had packed for me because I had been running late.

"Let's see....turkey, eww...." Ash said wrinkling her nose in disgust.

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