Chapter 2

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Wendy's POV

I'm stuck in detention because of this idiot! It's just me and him alone in class. I can feel him staring at me with these pitch black eyes, it scares me. What's his problem why does he keep looking at me. I'm so tired i'll just lay my head on my desk for five minutes and-------

Suga's POV

"Ya idiot, look at what you did" I was waiting for a reply but she didn't say anything i was surprised. I take a closer look at her is she sleeping? I walk towards her and see her sleeping quietly with her head laying on her desk. She looks so cute just sleeping there. The classroom window was open and it blew her hair and i saw her neck. The smell of her sweet blood is soo addicting. I've never met a human with this kind of blood. I go closer to her, i sit right next to her desk and laying on it the same way she did. I close my eyes, It's been a while since i have rested like this. It's nice....

Wendy's POV

Shit. I fell asleep but why is this kid right next to me sleeping also but now that i look at him his sleeping face is attractive. The way his bangs almost cover his eyes, how his face looks so soft like a baby he's so.... wait wait what am i thinking! This idiot is a complete jerk!


Detention was over so i left him there, I'm go into a cafe and this guy comes up to me

"Hey" I ignore him. But he tries again. This time making sure i see him.

"Are you okay? About what happened earlier" i ignored him again and walk out the cafe but he grabs my wrist and turns me to face him. He looks at me with these beautifuls eyes but I don't care about him. "My names Taehyung!" he says while giving me an eye smile.

(Taehyung is in bold while wendy is normal for now)

"I don't care"

"C'mon cheer up"

"Why? Can you leave me alone?

"If you come with me somewhere"



This guy won't give up so i guess i have to escape. I have an idea.



I start running away from him, I can't believe he fell for that what a loser. As i look back he's also running after me and catches up to me.

"Will you ever give up?"


I guess i have no choice but to go with this guy.

"Where are you going to take me?"


We arrive at this library, is this kid a weirdo and a nerd. I go inside with him but he just stands in front of this shelf of books. I was asking him what he's doing but he still stands still till i realize he is staring at someone. It was the idiot. I was going to shout at him until kyungsoo grabs me and covers my mouth. I was against the shelf while he was only a few cm away from him, he was tall, he was looking at me. We were staring at each other, i tried to move but he didn't let me. I felt nothing but anger. I was about to kick him till I see someone looking at us.

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