MHH-CHAPTER 53:The most awaited Moment

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John's POV

"Hindi ba dapat kasama ka ng tito at daddy mo ngayon?," tanong ko kay anne

"Psh, nah. I want to stay here," then she smiled at me

"Hahaha. You're such a silly girl. Hindi ba napag usapan na natin na hindi muna tayo magkikita kahit ngayong araw lang?," ako

"Sino bang masusunod? Ikaw ba?! Ha?! IKAW?!!," sigaw niya saakin

I raised both hands and laughed.
"Ok chill ! Hahaha. I'm just kidding," I said.

"You must be thankful. I prefer to see your not so good looking face today, this happens only once in a blue moon."

"Is that so? Kaya pala nagalit ka saakin nung umalis ako ng italya nang hindi nagpapaalam sayo kahit ikaw naman mismo ang nagtaboy saakin. Hahahaha..., "  me

She momentarily laughed, a fake one of course.

"Go join the nerds club dummy,"

"HaHaHa, you're inviting me to join your club?," me

Hinampas niya ako sa balikat at sinamaan ng tingin. Tch. Spoil brat as ever. Hahaha.

"Oh my ghii sissy ! Nandidito lang pala kayo?! Gosh. I thought hindi na matutuloy! Grabe ha?! Kinabahan kami lahat don. Hahaha," Joy, shes barely breathing

"Nako ! Ano ba kayo, tara na? Mamaya na kayo magloving loving. After ng--ayiieeh. I'm so exciteeeed! Finally ! Hehehe," joy again. Ugh. She interrupted our moment. But she's quite right about what she said.

"Go ahead, susunod na kami," anne

I looked at her, a meaning yet teasing one.

"What?," painosente niyang sabi.

"Wala man lang bang *pout sabay pikit*," me

"Hahaha in your face ROQUE !," and just like that? I recieved a not so hard slap then she leave me dumbfounded.

"Yep, I'm definitely in love with that woman," -me smiling like heck.

"Hey dork, you coming or what?," she irritatingly shouted.

....and reality kicked in so dang fast,
"Yep. Yeah sure. I mean, why not? Hahahaha," we both chuckled as I reached her hands and held it.

"I'm gonna make this the most unforgettable moment of your life wifey :*," me

"Don't be too excited. Hahaha,"

------------->>Fast forward----------------->>

Anne's POV

"After years of waiting, fighting, sharing each others smile tears and even pain, I'm wondering how did we survived? How did we ever go this far? I know this isn't the end. Instead, this is only the beginning.
I don't say this all the time or maybe not even once but yeah I'll confess everything and be soft even just fo a while.

You've been my worst enemy, my happiness, my pillar of strength;

.........and most especialy my Greatest Fear.
I am afraid of losing you! Dang it john,"

My voice is almost trembling and I can't friggin continue 'coz my fvcking tears are giving warnings that they wanna fall down through my cheeks right now !, argh.

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