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Complications with the genome

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Begin Report:

As the title of this document suggests, the scientists had told me there were... Complications with the genome, the sequence required for the perfect worker wasn't going working as planned, it required,(hmm, how do I put this?) A master, a being to control its every desire and want. This wasn't planned ahead of time, so as such, I, General [REDACTED], suggested we try my DNA first, it didn't work, sadly.

We also tried the DNA of every scientist present and every animal present, all failed to work. The brilliant and slightly crazy Professor [REDACTED] suggested we try the DNA of young, and he meant young, females, which surprisingly worked excellently. The DNA of the two didn't fuss nor fidget when brought close, unlike the previous DNAs.

The Big Brothers were raised with their perspective Little Sister inside a on way mirror copy of their bed room, it went fine, except for a few of the Big Brothers going, err, insane, the ones that went crazy went on a rampage, surprisingly some of the Big Brothers actually killed their Little Sisters. It was a very sad sight, and we had to move our base of operations, after killing the rogue Big Brothers of course.

In our new base we nurtured and cared for the Big Brothers as the developed. It went smoothly, not perfectly so but it was nice for now, the next document will detail something of importance to both the project and the government.

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