Angelique And Randy Orton

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You And Randy Orton are on and off . First he likes you and you both have sexual intercourse with each other. But he has a girlfriend , Eva Marie . You keep trying to stop it with him but he knows how to twist your mind up . This has been going on for almost 8 1/2 months . And you try to ignore him and tell him you're done but he knows just how to charm you and slowly linger you back in. You couldn't get enough of Randy . He always said its just gonna be you and him because he's gonna leave Eva but everytime you bring it up he gets angry . He texted you saying he was coming by . You already knew he was ready to have sex and just use you as a toy . You heard a knock on the door and you slowly sighed . You got up and opened the door .

"Woah that was close. Hey ." He said quickly walking in and closing the door locking it . He grabbed your waist and kissed you .

"Randy I .." You muttered in between kisses . He pulled away and put his index finger on your lips

"Shh . Just enjoy the moment while we can ." He whispered kissing down your neck .

"Stop Randy . We need to talk." You said pushing him back .

"She's expecting me back in an half hour ." He said coming back to you trying to kiss you.

"Why can it just be me and you ? You said we could be together . I love you ." You questioned .

"Fuck Angelique just give it time ." He snapped .

"Randall That's all I've given it . It's been fucking 8 months you need to make up your mind ." You snapped .

"But I thought you were okay with this ?" He asked .

"Not anymore I'm not a sideline hoe that you can just fuck anymore . This is bullshit you don't even love me do you ? " you asked . He stood there silent . You scoffed .

"Huh , I knew it . Randy I'm through . Get the fuck out right now . I hate you so much right now ."

"Please we can work this out . I will leave her !" He said

"No Randy ! I believed that shit 8 months ago and look where we are still ! Hiding from everyone ! I'm tired of being your little fuck buddy ! It's not fair to me or Eva ! I wanna be with you but clearly you just want to have sex . I'm fucking done you don't love me like I love you. All you care about is sex and getting caught . I'm done being your little sideline . I'm through being upset every night . I'm through with you not caring about my feelings. Me and you are done here . I deserve better. " You said . He smirked and tried to put on his charm spell .

"You don't meant that ." He said coming closer to you sucking your sweet spot . You shoved him back quickly before you gave in .

"Randy thats not working anymore . Im dead serious right now . You need to go right now !" You said pointing to the door .

"You'll be back ." He said walking to the door .

"No I won't ." You said and slammed the door in his face . You locked it and then silently cried . You were hurt and upset . You were officially done .


3 weeks later you haven't spoke to Randy and didn't plan on it . You've been just focusing on your life and wwe career and you could honestly careless about his childish games. He's tried to talk to you numerous times but you wouldn't listen .

He thought you were joking but you weren't . Eva and Randy broke up and now Eva officially hates you for ruining her relationship . Randy keeps saying sorry , saying the same old bullshit you heard before. He just wouldn't take no for an answer . So he made it his mission to get you back but you kept hiding from him and ignoring him