Making Peace Part 77

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Maggie's POV..

It was a shock to find that our Jenny has been seriously ill all this time.

It was an even bigger shock to find out that we nearly lost her and I am so glad that my daughter, Joy, took her down to the clinic for that check up which found the problem, and not a moment too soon. We could have lost her as it happened all so quickly.

When Joy called the house to speak to Daniel with urgency, we knew that it was bad. Having Daniel tell us later that she flatlined just as they got to the hospital was such another shock too.

 As was finding out that the doctor that was looking after her was Charles Gatting's son. The son of the pilot who flew Dr Peters down to River Ridge all those years ago when Jenny's plane crashed. But that shock was a nice one.

But it's been a couple of weeks now since Jenny's surgery again on her heart to fix that little stress tear that happened when she had that car accident a year ago, when she lost the baby girls. That was also another sad moment in everyone's lives, especially for Jenny and Daniel.

Oh, how time has flown since we found out about those two many years ago.

" Hello Love. Is it time for a cuppa?" I heard Ron ask as he came in the back door distracting me from my thoughts.

" Always, you silly man." I said to him with a smile as I got up to put the kettle on while he took his boots off.

It was still strange being here in this house with Ron.

The house that Bobby bought for us to make a home in so many years ago. It still makes me sad at times when I think of him. He was such a big part of my life for such a short amount of time. His being killed as he had, changed the lives of so many of us who knew him.

I wondered sometimes what he would have thought about me and Ron being together after him dying? I suppose he would have known. I never found out what he and Ron talked about those times the two of them went off on their own to look for Laura. I guess it was something that those two friends had kept to themselves, plus it wasn't anyone's business anyway.

But the only time Ron did mention something was not long after Bobby's funeral when we were sitting out the front on the bench and he told me what he remembered about the last few minutes of Bobby's life.. and what he said.

When I heard Ron mention that Bobby made him promise to look after me and our children, I knew that Bobby would have known that Ron would have done just that, including eventually marrying me.

Then when Ron told me the very last words that Bobby had spoken to him to pass on to me, I knew how much Bobby loved not just me and the children, but his friend Ron too.

" You day dreaming about Bobby again? Hope it's a good one." Ron mentioned from behind me which startled me somewhat.

" Of course Love. I was remembering that time when we sat out on the bench that night when you told me Bobby's last few minutes and the things he said to you.. well some of them anyway." I said to Ron with a gentle loving smile which I gave to him.

He knows that I love him and he knows that I love Bobby too. There was enough room in my heart for the both of them. I reassured Ron of that nearly all the time.

Turning back to pour the hot water into the tea pot, I then felt Ron's arms wrap themselves around me.

Sometimes when he did that, I just stayed there in his arms and leaned back against him, feeling the warmth of his chest seep through our clothes to warm my back. I knew that if anything were to ever happen to him, I would crawl up in the bed wherever that was, and lay down beside him curled up against his chest and close my eyes for the very  last time.

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