She relaxes a little more and I’m able to insert it. I switch them on and she moans out loud. “You will not cum.” I tell her again.

I then move to her breasts and start to suck her in, trying to follow the rhythm the vibration is making. “Oh Lorenzo, Oh Lorenzo please” I hear her first plea.

I continue to suck one nipple while pinching the other. I know this is killing her. But this is punishment. “Do not cum hell cat.” I tell her in a rough voice.

“Oh, oh, oh “ She moans. “Please, please” she begs.

I take pity on her and go and shut them off. Leaving her unfinished. I pull the toys out. And set them aside.

I then untie her and help her off. I can smell her arousal and it’s driving me mad.

I then walk her to another small table that is cushioned and bend her over on it. Her arms once again get tied. But this time at her sides. And her legs also at her sides. I then go and get my favorite paddle.

My favorite because I had it done especially for her. It will leave a nice mark so she remembers me for a couple of days. When she sits it will burn. I position myself but decide not to hit as hard as I want to. Her ass is less cushiony now from her weight loss. So I will be light but still have it hurt.

Before I spank her I reinsert the vibrator in her core. “Please Lorenzo no.” She tells me and I smack one, two, three, I go to 10 and then position myself in front of her. Her tears where streaming down her face but she has not cum yet.

I think better of it and go and remove the toy from her core. Then repositioned myself in front of her. “Open and take me in all the way” I tell her.

I feel like I’m in heaven when her mouth wraps around my dick.

“Oh shit” I moan as she works me with that heavenly mouth.

I fist my hands in her hair and make her take me deeper. She gages but I continue in and out, in and out until I blow in her. She greedily sucked down all my seed. That was so fucking hot to see her sucking me.

When she is done I then go and get a flogger. This one was also done especially for her. Nice long leather straps. I hit her on her ass then her back leaving nice red marks.

Then I untied her again and let her rest as I carried her to my bathroom. I turned the water on to warm and lathered her body. I don’t think she noticed the cuffs on my wall. Because she looked surprised when I strapped her arms and legs.

I then bent down in front of her as nuzzled my face between her legs.

“Why did you leave me.’ I ask her as I lean in and kiss her mound.

“I felt like I was dying without you?” I say as I lick up her slit.

“Tell me" I ask sticking my tongue in her.

I hear her moan but don’t tell her not to cum this time. I want her so badly I love her so much. I start to lick and suck like a mad man. Who had been deprived of this sweet nectar for years and she cums in a flash.

I then untie her and turn her around and take her roughly I was pounding and pounding all my anger, all my worry, all my need into her. We both climaxed at the same time.

When we finished I dried her up and this time tied her body in black rope. This was to symbolize she was now bound to me forever.

I palmed her mounds in my hands as she turned her head and kissed me deeply.

“You will never, ever leave me.” I tell her.

She cried “Lorenzo I Love” she tells me and I fall to my knees in front of her.

“Erika I love you too and can’t live without you.” I tell her then I untie her and carry her to my bed.

I kissed every part of her body and licked every wound I gave her. I worshipped her body and loved her like no one has been loved before. I spend a couple of hours showing her just how much I love her.

Then later that night I looked at her. “Erika why did it look like you were going to cry when I told you I would not share you?” I asked her.

She had gotten up and put on some panties and a camisole and came to stand in front of me. “You said you didn’t want to share me.” Her eyes got watery again.

“Erika do you really want to be with another man?” I ask her feeling hurt.

“NO Lorenzo, I love you and only you. But you will have to share me. Not with another man but with our baby.” Tears start streaming down her face.

I feel like I could not get any air in my lungs “Erika are we going to have a baby?” I ask her and she nods yes, looking so unsure of herself.

I crawled on my knees to her and put my hand and my head on her belly.

“Erika I love you and my Baby, will you please Marry me.” I hold my breath worried about her answer.

“Oh yes Lorenzo, yes, I love you too. We love you” She says putting her hand on her tummy.

“Baby did I hurt you and our child. I am so sorry” I tell her feeling so upset.

“Yes we’re fine. This is the happiest moment of my life.” she tells me.

I scoop her in my arms and swing her around. “Oh we have to call my mother she is going to be so happy.

Harley’s POV


 Jim walked me to my door after our date. Holy shit, can you fucking believe that I went on a date. I shake my head. He moved in and I almost jump for joy, he’s going to kiss me now. I think to myself as I feel his lips touch mine.

He then deepens the kiss and I start to feel my nipples tingle. Oh Hot Damn, does this man know how to kiss. Then he pulls away and leaves. I just stood there not believing he just left after saying he would come see me tomorrow.

I walked in the house all mad. “Mother fucker, he just left.”

All the girls were there and then some Goth looking girl smiled at me. “Holy shit Raven is that you?” I ask not believing my eyes.



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