Chapter 4

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No man should judge unless he asks himself in absolute honesty whether in a similar situation he might not have done the same.



Chapter. 4



Lorenzo’s POV


God it kills me to see her like this. I think she lost some weight. So she was suffering as I was.

“Did you think it was going to be that easy to get ride of me my hell cat?”

I ask and see her back get ramrod straight. “Lorenzo, I.”

“Silence I don’t want to hear it. You left me without a backward glance, without even saying anything to me. It has been over a month that YOU LEFT ME!” I scream at her.

“I have been dying hear for you. But you don’t care do you. All you care about is your stupid job and getting laid from any one.” I could see her hands curling into fists. She was getting angry. But that was what I wanted.

I know she has not worked or had any one since I came into her life. I smirk of course, I am Lorenzo no one else would do.

“You will endure your punishment like a good girl. You will thank me after every thing I do to you.” I tell her in a rough voice.

My heart was going out to her but she had to know that what she did was wrong and will not be tolerated.

I walk over to her and roughly stand her up. I still don’t let her see my face. I then proceed to tie her arms behind her back and she does not lowers her head. Ah yes, here is my hell cat.

I grab her by the chin and bend her head back. “I will punish you and you will like it.” I tell her as I nuzzle her neck and the bit her. Hard enough for her to scream out.

I then take her to my back room where all my toys have been assembled. She looks at be unsure. I laid her on the table and untied her arms. Then I retied them. Her arms above her head spread open and her legs spread open.

I ripped off the crotch part off her nylons. “This is the new water toy I got for you. But you never saw it because you left." I tell her as I grab the spray nozzle at the end of the table. I turn on the water to pulsate.

“You see, I remember you said you liked your shower head. This thing here is even better than a shower head. It pulses to a different rhythm. I am sure you will like it.’

I get close to her and spread her lips open with one hand as I pass it over her sensitive pink flesh. I hear her moan. “You may not cum. This is punishment.” I tell her and her eyes go wide.

I continue to spry the water on her clit and then move in to capture a nipple in my mouth. I hear her whimper and it brings me joy. I continue sucking and sucking her harder. As I move the water to her clit. I then go and shut of the water.

“I will show you another day everything this little machine can do. But for now. I want to fulfill another of your fantasies. You said you wanted 2 men in you at the same time. But I told you Lorenzo does not share with anyone.” I see her eyes get watery and she looks away.

Does she really want me to share her. NO! Lorenzo does not share. I will keep her satisfied. I walk over to a drawer and pull out 2 vibrators. “Lorenzo will make you happy hell cat." I lubed them up and inserted one in her kitty.

It was already so wet. Then the other in her back door. Lorenzo only had it once, but this one is small it should not hurt her. “Relax little one let it in. Feel the fullness you want with 2 men in you.” I tell her.

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