A Girl With Super Powers Chapters 1-2

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I got bored so I wrote this...

A Girl with Super Powers

Chapter 1

My Doom

It was a Friday afternoon and I just turned sixteen. My friends took me to the beach. But one of them had a crazy idea. We challenged each other to see who could swim the farthest. Like I said...crazy.

Bryan, Lily, Cory, and I set off. We each were about ten feet apart Cory always likes to win, but I just couldn't let it happen this time. He stopped five feet behind me, because he saw the currents.

He was far enough away for them not to take him in but with me...I had no chance. I think I might've heard him scream my name, but whom could I be kidding? I was drowning for crying out loud! It took me farther and farther, deeper and deeper. I could see the one light above me and how it got smaller and how the darkness started to surround me, and swallow me up.

The light became tinier until it was the size of the tip of a pencil. I tried to swim up, but it was more like struggling, and that only made it worse. The last breath in me escaped into tiny bubbles. Floating, soaring, up to the air. I was sinking, dying, evaporating into the nothingness of the ocean.

But just when I thought I was dead, I didn't mean to, but it was an instinct to breathe in air. Now for sure I was dead...I didn't mean to but now water flooded into my body and before it could take up the last air bubble in my body light all around me shot up from ten feet all around me.

I was living. The water inside me came out from my mouth, like someone was controlling it, and back into the dark water. The light brought me air to breathe in and out. I couldn't believe it I was going to be ok.

Curious and daring fish came out of their homes to see what was invading their habitat, their ocean. The light carried me up, up, up into the sky and out of the water. Then it carried me on to an island I never noticed before. It was nothing bigger than a state; it brought me to the center of it, like the speed of lightning.

I would've screamed or something except I was too memorize by it. It dropped me onto the hard ground, in front of what looked like a castle. Then disappeared in a blink of an eye. I pretty much stood there like and idiot. My brown hair looked black, because of how it got wet. But my bathing suit was dry, which made no sense what so ever.

But there was a door that I noticed and a boy around me age came out. He stared at me (I guess he didn't expect to see me in a bathing suit. Or me at all.)

"Come Kacy we have been expecting you. My name is Stephen. I am the son of king Bubaline.

"So you are kind of like a prince?"


"And how do you feel about that?" I said jokingly.

He just rolled his eyes at me and walked back inside the door.

I guess that means I should follow him. I thought.

We walked down hallways and up stairs until we finally came to a gold door.

"This is to be your room. If you should ever need me just ask someone. Mainly me or one of the servants."

He started to walk away, "Wait! I uh...need a towel."

"That would be in your bathroom."

I nodded. Duh! Of course it would be Kacy. I thought to myself. When I walked into my room the first thing I noticed was that it was huge! Everything in here was huge. Such as, my bed, my dresser, my mirror, everything. Also there were three doors.

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