Alex's POV:

A free pass. It still sounds weird to me. It's been three days since Melissa gave me that free pass and also two days since we last spoke. Thankfully my grandmother and parents weren't in France now, they were in England and from what my grandmother told me they weren't coming back any time soon... Thank God, I'm not ready to face my mother yet. I was in my room when I heard Addy come in.

"Good morning, Alex." She said, while holding a tray with a delicious breakfast.

I looked down at my phone and saw Em's text message 'Please tell me you didn't agree to this free pass deal' I'm not really in the mood of arguing with her, it's too early and I'm hungry. "Bonjour, Addy." The smell of hot coffee invaded my nose and that breakfast looked delicious. "Mhm, thank you, this looks delicious."

"You're welcome." She said. "Madmoiselle Thomas has a message for you."

"What?" I sat up instantly. I took the note from Adalene's hands after she placed the tray on my bedside table. It said:

Good morning, beautiful. I don't want you to think that I'm mad or anything, I was just giving you time to do what we agreed you'd do, but from what I hear you haven't left your room. Alex you promised me you'd explore your feelings so please, do it.

I love you.


"Did you tell her?" I asked Adalene. Melissa and I haven't had any contact in three fucking days, someone must've told her. "Addy I didn't tell you about us so you could sp-"

"It was me, little sister." Ugh, that little devil. "I'm older than you." Fuck did I say that out loud? "Yes you did." Damn it!

I turned my head and there he was, impeccable as always, standing in front of me. Addy excused herself and James sat on my bed. "Why did you tell her?"

"Oh sister, as much as I hate that little deal you two made, I want you to go through with it as fast as possible so you can finally pick." He stated. Pick? This is not just something I can decide that easily, fuck, I don't even know if I'll be able to pick in the first place. They are both people, with feelings, not some... Thing. "Look, I know this must be hard, but you do need some closure with Anna. At least have lunch with her today, you two are going to have to talk at some point Alex, you can't avoid her forever." He was right, I needed to talk to Anna, I promised her I would. "And you also need to shower, so eat and get out of bed, it's noon already."

He stood up and opened the curtains. "I hate you."

"Rise and shine, little sister." He said and then gave me a kiss on my forehead. "Oh, I forgot to mention, we're going to the stadium tomorrow, Chelsea will play against PSG, Melissa can come with." Great! I love soccer... Not!

I ate breakfast and took a shower. It is now or never Alex. I took out my phone and texted Anna.

Alex: Hey

Anna: Hi

Ok what do I say now?

Alex: Um... Do you have any lunch plans today?

Anna: Not really, why?

Alex: Well would you like to have lunch with me?

She's taking way too long to answer. Did I say something wrong? See? This is why I don't really like texting. I'm gonna call her, yeah that sounds like a better idea.

I dialed her number and she picked up. "I was about to answer."

Well hi to you too. "Oh, sorry, I'm a little impatient." I breathed in and then out. "So what do you think?"

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