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Pen Your Pride

Chapter one: The Anti-void

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You wake up in the don't now how you got there. You were just in your room in the skelebros house sending Ink a letter to verify as a new AU. He had sent you a picture of him, and you told him that you wanted to keep it a secret. You also told him that the code word was "Leave your mark" and he understood you perfectly! You were zoned out for a while, so you decided to look around to see if anyone was here, surprisingly,you see one familiar was ink!
You called
*hello, but do I know you?
He said
*Leave your mark
You said
*he gasped* y/n?!
He said
*yep it's me!
You replied
*he hugs you tightly*
*its nice to finally meet you y/n!
He said
*you too!
You replied
*here, let me take you to my house to clean you up!
You had some pretty bad scratches on your arms and legs
He took you to his house
You see one of your AUs in the house
You ran to him and hugged him
*whø íś thïš?
Error said
*your creator!
Ink replied
*wàít...śhęš mÿ ćrëãtôr?!
He sounded really glad to meet you
Ink replied
*he hugs you back* îtś ñīçè tô fìãńłlÿ mèêt ÿøū!
He replied
*you too!
You replied

(Making errors lines is time consuming! Well, tell me down in the comments how I did!)

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