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You had something for me, you had feelings I could see.

Feelings can't just go way,
say your feelings will stay.

I wish they'd understand,
I just want to hold your hand.

At least hug me goodbye,
maybe I won't have to cry.

I wish my dreams were true,
that maybe you miss me too.

They say we'll still be friends,
but that's where it all ends.

"It's not a big deal" they say,
but I think of him all day.

It's something I can't fight,
I can't even sleep at night.

He's all I want and all I need,
I can't have him...so I bleed.

I know he could be my cure,
he refuses so life is a blur.

Every night I stay up so late,
wishing for one more date.

They tell me he's imperfect,
but to me he's just perfect.

We won't be more than this,
and I'll never feel his kiss.

Everything we had is ruined,
now we've come to an end.

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