Chapter 1

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|| Your pov ||
     I've never been to keen of airports, whereas my mother was, or rather is, addicted to the rush of change they represent. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to living with my mom again, she became a stranger once her work overcame her love for my dad.
                                    'Gate 3'
      I let my feet do the walking as I reminisce the events of a few months ago, which have placed me in the position I am now.
      It was a stormy night, a rare sight at this time of year. My father was driving me to my class.
"Yes pumpkin?"
"I love you"
"I love you too"
     It hasn't been long since my mother left us, three maybe four years at most, and he has been there for me every step of the way.  I look out my window and my eyes meet endless forests, yet I seem to know exactly where we are (perhaps two minutes from my ballet academy if I were to guess). Shortly after some peaceful silence, my dad pulled up to an almost intimidating building, the academy, the best for the best. As I get down I notice the grimace in my father's face—perhaps I should've asked at the moment, maybe things would've turned out differently—, yet I do not know what for.
      My father handed my instructor a piece of paper I haven't seen before, perhaps he kept it in his pocket. Before he left I made sure to tell him goodbye.
"Bye pops! Practice ends at 9, don't be late."
"Bye (f/n)! Love you."
"Love you too."
      Rehearsal soon began, I was ready to be shower with compliments from my instructors, after all I'm one of the best ballerinas the US has to offer. About what I would guess was halfway through the class, my instructor's phone rang. She picked it up, and after a while she came up to me, with tears running down her face, and said my father had died in a transit accident, and that child protective services would pick me up after rehearsal to clear custody of me to some other family member of mine.
//end of flashback//
      "All passengers of flight 38A to Paris, France please report to Gate 3 for boarding. Pasajeros del vuelo 38A para Paris, Francia por favor repórtense al portón 3 para bordar."
      That's my call, I looked around and followed the signs to my respective gate. As soon as I got there I saw a person, who I assumed was a flight attendant and decided I should ask if I was to border the plane now, hence my ticket being of first class.

"Salut! vous prenez l'avion qui se dirige à Paris?" (hello! Are you taking the flight to Paris?) said the flight attendant as I approached them.

"Oui, travaillez-vous dans l'avion?" (yes, do you work in the plane?) I asked, thankful for the lifelong nagging of my dad to learn French.

"Oui! You may go in the plane now"
I nodded and smiled as she stamped my passport and let me in. My seat was not difficult to find, 2A, seat two in the first class section.
      As soon as the plane was in the air, I put my headphones on and drifted off to sleep, my life ahead of me in a whole new continent.
      After roughly 9 hours of flying, and sadly plenty more after those of feeling jet-lagged, I'm at Paris. The airport was nothing like I've seen before, then again I knew what to expect, after all child protective services filled me in with everything I needed to know. There wasn't much luggage to pick up, only three bags plus my carry on and my purse, which were all taken from my care as soon as I spotted my mother's limousine.
"Hey sweetie-pie! You look so big! Last time I saw you was 5 years ago! You're 16 now, so grown up!" She hugging me.
"I'm glad to see you too mom" I said as I sighed.
"Honey, lets get going, I'll fill you in on the way home."
      Mom didn't have much to fill me in, long story short she's a well-known French model working alongside some guy named Gabriel Agreste.
      She also mentioned that school starts in 4 days, today being Thursday and the school, named Collège Françoise Dupont, thought it would be wise to have me start at the beginning of the week.
      Although lengthy, the ride felt quite short. As soon as I arrived I found my room (with the help from my mothers assistant) and found it was already decorated to my liking, so my first goal in mind was to sleep, and so I did.
Hey everyone! So I edited Chapter 1 and split it in two (the prologue and the actual chapter 1). The actual prologue (which will give you an insight of your life prior to the story) is a work in progress and won't be published until further notice, and I'm going to be working hard to edit the remaining chapters.

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