Chapter 1

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Uh the beginning chapters won't be as interesting at first but please bare with it.


Wendy's POV

*ringgg* *ringgg* ugh that's my stupid alarm.

I wake up getting ready for school since it's my first day at a new school. I live alone, since my parents died last year. I have no idea how they died but every since they did i feel alone, I wanna die but I can't because my mom's last words before she dies were to be strong and live the best life i can. But how can i? If I'm all alone.


I'm walking to school i see this tall boy being crowded by soo many girls and the front gate, what's soo good about that guy.

I go to the front gate where all the girls were and there's this other girl leaning against the gate i walk past her when suddenly she purposely trips me and I end up falling.

Great, just great school hasn't even started and i already embarrass myself.

I'm on the floor everyone's laughing at me but I see the girl smirking and laughing at me. I get up, i give the girl a glare but she comes closer to me and says "well, what do we have here a little pipsqueak" everyone's laughing at me again. 

But one guy was walking slowly towards me, i didn't care though i was mad!

"Do you need something, if you don't than just leave even if you need something still leave. Wait nevermind I'll just leave."  i walk away saying that to her face I can see everybody staring at me, including the guy surrounded by girls.

Suga's POV

These girls are so annoying! I'm at the front gate, I'm trying to escape these girls but they won't move or leave me alone. When I told them to stop there attention wasn't on me it was on this girl who was on the floor. Everyone was laughing, I laughed too it was funny but i was wondering why she was on the floor until i saw none other than Sooyoung. Of course it had to be her who else would do that. I can see kyungsoo walking slowly towards the girl but ends up failing when the girl gets up and started talking back. No way! No one ever talks back to Sooyoung. I kept staring at the girl as she was walking away. I am interested in this girl.

No one's POV

Everyone was talking about what happened at the gates it wasn't a big deal but the fact that someone talked back to sooyoung made everyone curious on who this girl was. Sooyoung was angry that someone had the nerve to talk back she was thinking on how to get revenge on the girl. She hated her, she tripped her cause she knew she was a new student and anyone who's new has to deal traditions.

Wendy was walking to class she looks around the room for an empty seat she finds one at the back next to the window. She sits there on her phone waiting for the teacher. Her classmates were all staring at her but she just ignored them. Ms.Kim walked in and told the class about the new student. "Son Wendy please introduce yourself." Wendy stands up "My name is wendy, I don't really care if you hate me or not, so don't speak to me." She sits back down and Ms.Kim starts her lesson but she was interupted when some person walks in the class. "Min suga! Why are you late and get to your seat!"

"I can't some trash is next to mine" Wendy realized he was talking about her she gets mad. "Shut up! It's not like i knew some douche bag like you was next to this desk"

"Min Suga! You do not call people trash, and Wendy its your first day here and you already start using inappropriate words. DETENTION both of you!"

Wendy gives him a dirty look but Suga was just there smirking. What is he thinking??

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