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1. Would you like us to return your goods or hold them for inspection?

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3. Although we are responsible for door to door delivery, we still suggest you that you buy an all - risk insurance and send us a copy of the insurance policy and three copies of the invoice.

4. We would like to charter a ship from Newscastle in New South Wales to St. Malo, Brittany, France to ship a 400- ton consignment of agricultural chemicals.

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28 December 2009




Dear Sirs,

We are writing to complain about a shipment of 10 cases of medical instruments under the order No. 645/A6D shipped by the MV Star which arrived at Haiphong port on 30 November 2009. We regret to inform you that the consignment was reported to be at loss.

When we received the goods, we found that of the 10 protection wooden crates, 7 were damaged outside as if they had been broken open and left in the rain in transit.

When we have the cases opened to inspect, we found that the medical instruments were stained and unusable.

We invited the representative from SGS company to inspect the goods. The survey report shows that the damage was caused by the seller's inadequate use of wooden crates and the substaindard packaging material rather than the carelessness of the carrier.

With regard to the above reasons, we suggest the followings:

- We still keep the settlement of the whole consignment until you make arrangement to withdraw the damage goods.

- As we urgently needed those instruments to deliver to our customers on time, we had to import from a supplier in France. Therefore, we claimed you to pay $1000 which is different between our new supplier's price and your price and the inspection fee of $362.

We hope that you will pay more attention to the remaining consignment.

We enclose here with the survey report to the effect of the damaged and related documents.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Nguyen Quang

General Director.


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