He's Back

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"Mom"I yelled. I was walking downstairs. "Mom. I'm going out with Travis. I'll be back at dinner"I said at the end of the stairs. "And let your mom kill me. Wow what a friend "Aaron laughed. "AARON "I yelled and ran to him. "Hey shu "he said. "I missed you so much FC"I said. "Darling you are you talking to..."my mom froze. "Hey. "Aaron said. "Who let you in"she said calmly. "I did"I said. Aaron nodded. "I give you ten seconds to leave my house. "She smiled. I looked at him. "Both run"he asked. "Yea. "I ran and so did he. When we were far enough we just talked. "So how's college "I asked. "It's ok. Boring but ok"he said. "Any girls"I asked. "Well,there is this one girl that I kinda like. But she doesn't feel the same"he said. "Oh"I said. I kinda felt bad and happy. "What about you. Any boys"he asked. "Well,I sorta tried giving Laurence a chance. But it failed badly "I looked down. "What happened "he asked. "He said he was over me and just broke up with me. I didn't care. It takes two to be happy in a relationship. But we are still friends. "I said. "That's good"he laughed. "Well. Talk to your parents a lot "I asked. He shook his head. "After I left they stopped talking to me. They only call once a year. "He looked down. "Sorry"I said. "So you got a lot taller"he laughed. I looked at him. "Jerk"I yelled. "Hahahaha"he smirked "still have a short temper ". "Still get into fights"I asked. "You got me there"he nodded. I smiled. "So any other boys"he asked. "There's Garroth "I said. He froze for a sec then looked at me. "Him. That's good. "He said. I saw something in his eyes say kill me now. "Yea. But we aren't anything serious. Just taking it slow"I said. "Oh. Well still good for you"he said. I smiled. "Man. I can't believe you live this long without me at school "he laughed. I hit his arm. "Ow"he screamed. "Hmp "I looked away. "I was joking"he said. I nodded. "So still play video games"he asked. I nodded. "Not as much. I mostly hang out with....."I froze. "What"he asked. "TRAVIS "I yelled. I just realised I was suppose to go to his house and help him with his new dog. "Sorry Aaron but I have to go. Travis is going to kill me. I'll see you later bye"I yelled running to travis's house. "Bye "he yelled. I'm so dead.

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