Harry: (You're 10) Today was your tenth birthday, you were very excited, in fact, extremely excited as your mum had promised that Harry would take you out to London to see M & M's World. You had got ready and everything and was waiting for Harry downstairs in the living room. "Morning" You heard a raspy voice say, you smiled to yourself thinking that he'd say Happy Birthday to you. Nothing. No card, no presents, no small cake, no Happy Birthday. 'Typical' you thought to yourself before slumping back down on the sofa. "Y/N, we've got an interview, so, um, see you later" Harry said, picking up his coat. "Can't I come with you?" You asked, making puppy dog eyes at him. "Urm, no" He stated. You nodded sadly. "What time will you be home?" You asked him, hoping he'd be back in  time. "About eight, we've got a lot of interviews and stuff" He said. You nodded sadly, yet again. He walked out the front door, slamming it behind him. You rolled into a ball on the sofa and cried to yourself. 'Worst birthday ever', you wrote on a note before going up into your room and 'hibernating'.

Niall: (You're 11) You were currently on their tour bus in Australia, reading a book. You saw Niall coming into your bedroom and speaking rather quickly, you stopped your music and looked up from the book you were also reading. "What was that?" You asked, taking out your earphones. "I just wanted to say that--" Niall began. You waited for the Happy Birthday to escape from out of his mouth but instead, "We've got a concert today so we're going to be really busy getting things done" Niall said. 'Awesome, I get to come to their concert for my birthday!' You thought to yourself. "Can I go to your concert?" You asked. "No, sorry Y/N, only people that have paid can go and you will get lost" Niall said, in his thick Irish accent. "I won't" You stated, clearly annoyed. "Y/N, I know what you're like and you will, you're staying here on the tour bus with Lou and Lux" Niall said, shutting your door. Once he left, you climbed out of your warm, cosy bed and got ready. You saw Lou Teasdale and Lux sitting in the lounge area. "Happy Birthday Y/N" Lou said, passing you your card, you smiled to yourself, "Thanks" You said, opening it. Inside was a Starbucks card. "Want to go to Starbucks?" Lou asked you. You nodded and you three all went into Starbucks for your 11th Birthday.

Louis: (You're 12) You were staying in Spain in a hotel as the boys had a few days off before they went back on tour. You really wanted to spend the day at the beach, just you and your brother. You opened the door to find a note on one of the small tables, it read; "Hi Y/N, I've just gone down to the beach with Harry, we've decided to try and surf the waves, if you want to come, you can watch, it's a little too rough for you to swim, Lou xx". You felt the anger build up in you, you ripped up the note and left it on the floor. You were already in your bikini, you skipped going down to the beach. You took your keys and put them in your shorts' pocket. You got into an elevator, moments later, stepping out of it. You decided to spend some time in the pool, you looked over to your right side where your sunbed was and saw Liam and Sophia laughing together. You sighed and jumped in the pool, preparing to spend the whole day at the pool, on your own.

Liam: (You're 15) You were currently in New York with Liam, Niall and Sophia. You thought that today you and Liam could both go shopping for your birthday, alone obviously. You sat on your hotel room's sofa, waiting for Liam. He came into your hotel room, holding hands with Sophia. You rolled your eyes and looked up. "Right Y/N, we're going out to shop for the whole day, we'll be back later, don't go far!" Liam said. Sophia laughed and stuck her tongue out at you, you sighed and waited for them to leave. Once they'd left, you made your way out onto the streets of New York and went shopping by yourself. In the distance, you could see Niall on his phone, he looked lonely so you decided to join him.

Zayn (You're 16) It was finally your Sweet 16th! You had been planning this day for ages! Obviously, you'd thought that Zayn would've planned it too but by the looks, you were wrong. "Y/N, I'm going out to Louis's, be back soon" was his answer. You rolled your eyes, and decided to escape to your friends' house, obviously, you'd have a better time there then you would home alone. You ended up having a house party at your friend's with food and everything. You forgot all about Zayn that evening, he forgot about your birthday, so you decided to forget that he was ever your brother.

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