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1. Commodity

Vietnam Robusta coffee beans grade 1 in 2010-2011

2. Quality

- Moisture                              : 12.5% max

- Black and broken              : 5% max

- Excelsa                               : 1% max

- Beans size on screen 13   : 90% min     

- Foreign matter                    : 0.5% max

3. Quantity :

54 MTS + 1% (at Seller’s option)

4. Price :

FOB Saigon port, Incoterms®2010

To be fixed at US $ 80 discount to May 2012 LIFFE, price fixing in Seller’s option before 30 January 2012 date of invoicing whichever more convenience. If contract is unfixed at shipment, Buyer to pay maximum 80% of LIFFE on B/L date. The balance to be paid after final fixation. Buyer has the right to place a stop loss at the provisional price

5. Packing and Marking

In strongly sewn new single jute bags of 60 kgs net each. Shipment in container 3x20’ of 300 bags each

Shipping mark: - Robusta coffee beans

- Made in Vietnam

- Net weight : 60kgs

- Gross weight : 60.700 kgs


One side printed in green color

6. Shipment:

- Time of shipment : Within 30 days after date of L/C

- Port of loading/discharging : Saigon port

- Partial shipment : Not allowed

- Transhipment : Not allowed

- Third party shipper : Allowed

- Inspection : Shipped weight and quality at the load port by Vinacontrol to be final

- Notice of shipment :

a. One (01) day before the sailing date of carrying vessel to Vietnam, the Buyer shall notify by email or fax to the Seller the following information :

·        Name and Nationality of the vessel

·        Deadweight capacity (DWC)

·        Draught

·        ETD, ETA

b. Within 2 days after date of B/L, the Sellershall notify by email or fax to the Buyer the following information :

·        Name of the vessel

·        B/L number

·        L/C number

·        Commodity, Quantity and Quality of goods

·        Loading terms

At the load port, the cargo is to be loaded by the Seller at the rate of 800 MTS per weather working days of 24 consecutive hours, Sunday and holidays excepted even if used (WWDSHEXEIU). If  the Notice of readiness (N.O.R) is presented before 12:00, laytime to commence at 13:00 the same day. If N.O.R is given after 12:00, laytime to commence from 6:00 AM on the next working day

Dunnage to be for the Buyer / Shipowner’s account

Shore tally at the Seller’s account and on board vessel tally at Buyer / Shpowner’s account

Demurrage / Despatch : USD 2000/Haft

7. Payment :

C.A.D at sight after documents required. The Buyer must pay 100% of invoice value to the Seller’s account, No: … at Vietcombank Ho Chi Minh City Brach

            Document required :

- Signed Commercial Invoice in triplicate

- 3/3 (full set) of originals clean B/L on board

- One (1) original and two (2) copies Certificate of Origin issued by The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ho Chi Minh City Brand

- One (1) original and two (2) copies of ICO Certificate of origin

- One (1) original and two (2) copies Phytosanitary Certificate issued by Authorized authority

- One (1) original and two (2) copies Certificate of Fumigation issued by Authorized authority

- Packing list in triplicate