As the bell rung I immediately got off my seat trying to make it out the door as soon as possible. "Hey wait up " I turned around and it was no one other than Johnny , "so I'm guessing your name is Kayla right ?." I nodded my head before answering. "Yes it is ,  I would love to talk to you but I need to find out we're my next class is "
"Don't worry I can help you , may I see your schedule?"

I showed him my schedule and his smile just grew wide."What?" I smiled at him, "Well you're lucky, because we happen to have the same classes", "You're lying "
"Nope not at all"

~skipping the rest of the school day~

It was finally time to go home and at the moment Johnny was talking to me about how he has to take his sister everywhere or else he can't go out "..and like my mom is like you take her or you don't go out . You choose "
I couldn't help but laugh because I don't know what that felt like because I don't have siblings."Why are you laughing , I'm being serious "

"I'm the only child, I don't know what that feels like"."Lucky you"
"Would you like me to walk you home ?"No , thank you I'll walk myself"
"Okay then, see you tomorrow."
The walk home wasn't far just like a block away .

As I was walking I couldn't stop thinking about my hot history teacher Mr. Malik . He was just so beautiful and -- stop I had to stop thinking about my teacher like that I mean he is my teacher and there was no way he would feel the same way about me .As soon as I got home , I was greeted with a note from my mom saying

"make yourself lunch , I won't be home until later , love you xx"

Did I mention my mom is never home ? And don't ask me about my dad , I never got to meet him.Apparently my mom said he left us when I was 2 . After I had lunch I was bored so I decided I would go to the park for a while.

As I walked my way to the park I saw  mr. Malik sitting down in one of the park benches, with a canvas in one had and a pencil in the other. Never in a million years did I think he knew how to draw. I wanted to go up to him but isn't it weird to go up to your teacher when your not at school? So I decided against and walked by him , then I heard his beautiful voice call me

"Kayla , what a pleasant surprise "
"Oh , hi mr. Malik I didn't see you there"Are you sure I felt you staring?"
I didn't know what to do and I turned bright red. Saying I was embarrassed was an understatement
"I -- I -- no -- I ..."
"Kayla" he was laughing at me , what a beautiful sound that was."I'm Kidding, come sit". I immediately took a seat next to him to see what he was doing.
"So... You draw?"

"I love drawing "
"Then why did you become a teacher when you have such incredible talent "
"Because this is just a hobby I love doing on my spare time " he turned and smiled at me . I think I just died in the inside.

"You have beautiful eyes Kayla "
"Hi Ka- oh hi mr.malik nice seeing you here"
"Nice seeing you too , Johnny right? "
"Yeah, that's me "
"Well kids I should be going see you guys tomorrow at school ."

That's all I got from mr.malik that day .

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