Chapter 1 Our Little Sister~

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You ran faster then you ever ran before! You didn't want to get caught by your older brother Berwald. You hid under a rock 'prefect! He'll never find me here!' Then you felt a tap on your head "got you __" Berwald said "aww already!" You said getting out from under the rock. Lukas and Emil was holding hands because Berwald also got them. Lukas grabbed your hand with his free one. Berwald told you guys to flow as he looked for Mathias and Tino. Berwald was looking around as you sat down on a rock with Emil. Emil loved the way you swag your feet waiting for Big Brother. "So __ big brother found you pretty fast huh?" He laughed "yes...he always dose!" You crossed your arms. Lukas patted your head "there there __...Mr. troll would not like you if your upset now right?""yes" he loomed over you and hugged you "then smile dumb...okay""okay fine" you smiled "there it is!" All three of you laughed.

Tino Point of View

I was in one of the trees outside our house waiting for big brother to find me. I was kind of boring in the tree all by myself. I wished I help __ hide with me so we can talk and stuff. I felt a tap on my shoulder "found you wife" Big Brother always tease me "GGAAHHHH!" I fell out of the tree straight on my butt. "Ouch! You okay big brother!" __ said sweetly to me "yes I'm fine haha just alittle hurt on my butt but I'm fine" I got up rubbing my butt. "Did you guys find Mathias yet?" Berwald shrugged and kept looking around. "I bet he cheating and in his room...." Lukas said looking at Mathias room. I laughed and picked up __ and hugged her I just missed her(only in the tree for like 15 minutes)

Mathias Point of View

Dude I totally cheated and hide under my bed."Haha he'll never find me here" something caught my foot and pull me out from under my bed. "You peter!" __ said cute like "what?" I said looking a __ weirdly "your a peter! A peter!" Lukas shook his head and picked __ up "its cheater ___" she looked surprised "oh...CHEATER!" We all laughed at what __ said was too cute for us to handle. I jackd __ out of Lukas hands and ran said"This is my baby sister!" For some reason....THEY ALL RAN AFTER ME AND __! Emil was small but faster then me and took __ to his room.

Emil Point of View

I took __ and put her in my room also locked the door. "There now your only my baby sister" I told her. She seem to be happy to be with me. Then banging on my bedroom door "hey Emil! Open the door! Brother Dear!""No way __ is my baby sis!" I yelled and looked back. __ was GONE!" WHAT THE?" I opened the door and Lukas had __ in his arms "how?" Lukas smirked "magic!" Then he disappeared!"HEY!" He took __ with him!

Lukas Point of View

I took __ to my magic room in the basement because Mr.Troll wanted to see her again. "Hello Mr.Troll"__ smiled brightly at him "hello princess and prince" he always called us that...for some reason...I just didn't know why It made my heart flutter. He patted her head with one finger but his time was short because big brother Berwald came in a took __ some dumb reason...maybe...

Berwald Point of View

It was bath time for __. "Bath time __" I told her as she nodded. I opened the bathroom doors to find Tino,Emil,Lukas and Mathias in their towels. I sighed because this was supposed to be me and __ time together but they wanted in. Good thing our tub is really big or we will probably have to squeeze in.

You was 3 years old so you didn't know anything. Berwald was 12 , Tino was 10 , Mathias was 9 , Lukas was 8 and Emil was 7. Your parents was representative of countries but you didn't know when you grown up that you had to be one too...but that's for later...

You finished the bath and jumped in your big girl bed. "Good night __" your brother Tino said tucking you in to bed. "Good night big brothers....I love you..." Then you fell asleep. They all watched you fall asleep and looked at each other "Our Little sister...haha"

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