Chapter 5

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If it was possible, Dan and Phil got even closer by the end of their first month of friendship; even to the point of playfully shoving each other (only if there was absolutely no skin contact, Phil made sure even though Dan's clothes left little room for that).  To the outside world, this didn't seem like much, but Dan did not let anyone even accidentally bump him, so Phil saw this as a huge step.  Chris and PJ noticed, and if they said anything, they made sure it wasn't in Dan's presence.  They had witnessed Phil easily label Dan as his best friend, and they understood that Phil wasn't ready to have his feelings voiced yet.  Well, the feelings they were pretty certain he had.

Dan, however was ecstatic.  He had never really felt close to anyone, but it was so easy around Phil; he had decided long before that Phil was his best friend even if Phil only saw him as "part of the group."  But Phil definitely noticed the bright, dimpled smile he received the first time he called Dan his best friend.  He wanted to make Dan smile like that all the time, with his cute little dimples.

At school they were practically attached at the hip, and if they weren't hanging out afterwards, you could bet on them rapidly texting each other back and forth.  On one occasion where they could not be together (Dan had a piano lesson or something like that, another piece of information Phil stored away), Chris, Peej, and Phil all got together at Chris's house.

The minute they all walked through his door, the heavy questioning began.  "Phil, you have got to tell us."  Phil decided to play dumb, answering with a simple, "Tell you what?"

"Oh, you know what, you nerd!" Chris ranted, "What's going on with you and Danny boy?"  Phil's cheeks immediately tinted pink.  "Is it that obvious?"  The other two boys looked at each other wide eyed before breaking into a fit of laughter.  "If it wasn't already, you just made it completely clear." PJ whimpered out between giggles.  This only furthered Phil's redness.

"Aww, Phil!" Chris laughed out in a babying tone, "Do you have a wittle crush?"  "Maybe......." Phil murmured.  "I'm sorry, what was that?" Chris cheekily asked.  Phil huffed feigning annoyance, "ImayormaynotlikeDanalot." he rushed out.  "You're gonna have to repeat that again, Philip." Chris responded, still with that knowing smirk.

"OK, I LIKE DAN, THERE I SAID IT HAPPY NOW!?" Phil practically yelled, though he couldn't restrain the relieved sigh that came out afterward.  PJ started gushing at the confession, "I knew it! Oh Phil, I'm so happy for you! Also, I feel really bad for you because crushes are definitely hell, especially since you don't know if he's your soulmate or not but- I realize I'm not helping this situation at all, am I?" Peej ended abruptly upon noticing how flustered Phil had become.

All he got in response was a nervous chuckle as Phil awkwardly scratched the back of his neck.  "Guys, I think I have it real bad," he said as a picture of Dan's gorgeous eyes and low-hanging jeans popped into his head for the hundredth time that day.

Chris and PJ shared another look (these were growing to be increasingly frequent since Dan's arrival), silently agreeing to an unspoken plan.

"So... Mario Kart and pizza?" Chris stated to cover up the silence.  The smiles grew on their faces as they headed toward Chris's room.


Phil was blushing so profusely when he got home that he honestly thought his complexion rivaled that of the fire truck that had driven by on his walk home.  He wanted to punch Chris in his smug little face for bringing up Dan so many times, knowing exactly how to get him all flustered again.

His mother obviously noticed this when he walked through the door.  "Phil, what happened, are you ok?" she said with a mischievous grin.  He could tell she knew exactly what was up and groaned loudly, not without a loving smirk on his face to return to her.  "Hello to you too, mother." Phil said, trying unsuccessfully to rush by her.

"Get back here, Philip! I think we have some things to talk about."  He walked back toward her, trying to hide his blush.  That plan went about as successfully as his attempted escape.

"So, who is it?" Mrs. Lester asked, a knowing glint in her eye.  "How do you know it's a who?" Phil questioned right back, though he knew his impossibly reddening cheeks gave him away.  "Call it maternal instincts if you will," she responded, playing along with his game.  Her expression changed to sudden seriousness as she asked, "Did you meet your soulmate?"

"No, but it definitely felt like I had." he replied, trying hard not to notice the way she wilted slightly.  She perked right back up though after registering his use of the past tense. "This has been ongoing and you're just now telling me about it!!" she exclaimed in disbelief, "You better spill right now!"

"It's, well, it's Dan." Phil replied while staring down at his shoes.  His mother noticed how he became considerably pinker at the mention of Dan's name.  She clapped excitedly as she said, "Oh I knew it! You boys get along so lovely! I'm so happy for you, baby!" Phil was surprised his mother didn't comment on Dan's being a boy, but at the same time he was immensely glad she had just accepted him.  Phil could wholeheartedly appreciate the changing social norms... he liked knowing people could be open without judgement.  Granted, their were still those who disagreed if you weren't soulmates, but that was a stupid opinion anyway so whatever.

Phil basked in his mother's excitement for another minute before making some excuse about having to do homework, knowing very well he would get nothing done now that a pair of dimples were at the forefront of his mind.  And, speak of the devil, the moment he entered his room who would call but the owner of said dimples?

Phil blushed, wondering want Dan would think of the conversations he'd had today as he answered the call.


Phil fell asleep to the sound of a twinkling laugh and silky voice, and he knew he was already a goner.

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