Chapter 7

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*Hope Pov*

I silently laughed as he said "Is this your sister?" and then his face when he said fiance/mate was priceless. "Hello nice to meet you" I replied with a smirk. "Hey! Sorry i'm late!" I heard my oh sweet brother call as he ran up to us. "HOPE!" He yelled running to me picking me up and spinning me. I tensed up and let out a growl. "Let go of me you bastard!" I screamed kicking and then my foot landed in the worst place. His balls. He dropped me and then dropped to the ground. What made it even better was when the slut Riley came up. "Who's this sexy Alpha?" She questioned walking over to my Xander. I let out a low growl as she placed a hand on his chest and started to trail it up. "What's your name sexy" She said. "That's it" I roared. "Your so fucking blind can't you see his damn mark on his neck that says my name under it now get your slutty hands off my fucking mate before I break your  neck" I hissed getting her hands off of him and pushing her in the arms of my ex-mate."Are you just gonna let her handle me like that and kick your beta in the balls Jackson" she whined. "I over rank you and his beta pup respect who your talking to" I said in kinda my Luna voice. "Sorry Luna" She whimpered and bowed her head before hiding behind Jackson. I went to the side of  Xander and calmed down. "I thought you were dead'' Jackson spoke. "You thought wrong" I sassed back. "Why why did you leave me?" He questioned. "I left you because i'm quote on quote i'm a weak slave and a murder" "You know damn right that I did not kill my parents!  A 6 year old that hasn't even shifted could kill two adult betas!" I screamed. "Yet again you still made me an omega at the age of 6 and beat me when I got old enough" I said calming down a little. "And you" I hissed looking at my brother. "You joined in" I said sadly. "Your own flesh and blood the only piece of family you had left" I said and then started to laugh. "It's funny how all of you cared when you all new I was long gone" I said. "I got a new family though" I stated as Xander kissed my head and everyone came to hug me. "Okay pups we are going to train tomorrow since were tired and everyone better not be late" Xander's voice bomb threw the crowd. "So were will we be staying Jackson" I said looking at him.  "We have a little mansion for you guys. Justin please show them to the mansion" Jackson said while I was tieing my hair up into a messy bun as Xander requested cause I took it down while going to the human world. I heard a low growl from Jackson as I finished. "Okay please follow me" Justin said. Awkward silence filled the air as we walked with him. "Here you go" Justin said before giving us all a key and then walking away. "Hope that kick in the balls made him realize that I'm not going to fuck around" I spoke walking into the house. "I CALL THE BIGGEST BEDROOM" I yelled before running up stairs. "THERES ONE ALREADY LABELED ALPHA AND LUNA" Xander yelled "oh" I said feel stupid. "It's okay your my stupid little mate" Xander said wrapping his arm around me. I then elbowed him in the stomach. "Your gonna get it little mate" he whispered before picking me up. This is gonna be a long night again. "GOODNIGHT GUYS!" I screamed.

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