Chapter One

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This story is in Ava's POV unless said otherwise.

I sat in my room, on my laptop. I was watching anything and everything Disney. I love cartoons. "Noooo!!" Netflix didn't have the 3rd season of Sophia The First. "Whyyyyy!" I pouted. "I want ice cream." I announced and got up and did my makeup, changing into a white lacey crop top and light blue jeans, along with some white flip flops. (Picture at the top. :P) I curled the tips of my hair, and applied a coat of magenta lip stick. I grabbed my little purse and walked out of my apartment. "Taxi!" I hailed a cab and went to Sweet Frog. I got a strawberry sorbet, with chocolate ice cream, with gummy bears and worms on top. With whipped cream of course! "That will be $16.98." The cashier said. "Umm, I forgot my wallet....." I said quietly. A voice behind me spoke. "Put it on my tab." It was a sexy, female voice and I turned around to see the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen. She smiled and the cashier handed me my ice cream. "Thank you!" I said, slipping into my little space. I walked over to a table and pulled out my phone and a set of earbuds, so I could watch Jake and The Neverland Pirates. The woman walked over to me and sat down. "Thanks fow wat you did ovew dere!" I said in my little voice. I put my hand over my mouth. "Not to pry, but you wouldn't happen to be a little, would you?" She said all of a sudden. I swiftly nodded with a dorky grin on my face. "How did you know?" I asked slowly. "Because, you just spoke in the voice of a four year old, you're getting the most sugary ice cream I've ever seen, and you're watching Jake and The Neverland Pirates. I, myself, am a Mommy Dom, and can tell when Littles are around." She replied in her sexy voice. "Oh." I squeaked and began to twirl my hair. She smiled and touched my arm. "Not to be sudden, but would you like to be my princess?" She asked sweetly. I nodded quickly and she took my hand. "Let's go, I'll show you where I live." She gently said. We walked to her car, an electric blue Jaguar, and got in. "Let's go over rules." She said as we began driving. "Rule number one, you will only call me Mommy. Rule number two, if you disobey, yiu will get punished. Rule number three, you are not to play with yourself without permission. Rule number four, you will not wear panties around me. Understood?" She said. I nodded. "Good." She whispered seductively. "We don't have to do anything sexual if you're not ready. Are you a virgin?" Mommy asked. I slowly nodded my head. We pulled up to the most beautiful house I've ever seen and a butler came and opened the car door.

A/N- Hahahhaha! I want to shout out my friend -femalan. She's the one who I get ideas from for books like this. Also, please comment on who the woman should be!! I'll pick a my favorite!! Baiiiii!


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