Kayla's  pov:

Today was my first day at a new high school and I couldn't be more nervous. I didn't know anyone and you might say what about your friends? Well my so called "friends" stopped talking to me because of a rumor that was going on about me at my old school.

The rumor that was going around was that I was sleeping around with every guy at my school. My friends believed everyone else over me so that's how I ended up at this new high school.

I felt uneasy as I walked in , people were just starting at me like if I were their prey. Many even started to whisper as I walked by them . I started to feel anxious, so I made my way to the office to receive my schedule and locker number.

The lady on the front desk looked as if she was around 50 , and her husband just left her. She didn't even bother letting me speak and pointed as to where I can get the schedule. Once I got it I headed out.

I looked at my schedule and I had history first, just great . I hated history it was one of my worse subjects .

I made my way into the class and once again all eyes were on me , it was making me feel annoyed that they couldn't stop looking at me . Soon the bell rang and I took my seat next to this cute brown haired guy .

"Hi , my name is Johnny , you must be new since I've never seen you before ". Before I was able to answer , the history teacher walked in and I couldn't believe my eyes, he was HOT. He looked like he was in his mid twenties, he had silver hair , grey skinny jeans and a white shirt.

"Class settle down please, my name is Mr. Malik and I'm going to be your history teacher till the end of the year . If you guys have any questions for me feel free to raise your hand." As soon as those words left his beautiful pink lips all girls hands went up .

"Mr . Malik my names is Sam and I wanted to know are you single?" I rolled my eyes , typical question you ask your hot teacher

" that's a bit of a personal question don't you think " he smirked at that girl Sam I think her name is.

Then she started to squeal and giggle , girl get a grip. "Yes , I am very much single , any more questions? ." "Always answering the questions of the sluts " As soon as those words left my lips he started to look around and his eyes met mine and he made his way to my desk .

Fuck, I think he heard me, can I just die?

"Is there a problem? "
" Nope no problem at all Mr. Malik " "What's your name ?"
"It's Kayla." He then smirked at me and walked back to his desk. This is going to be a long year .

That was my first chapter, I'm sorry if it's boring, it's barely the beginning. Try giving my book a chance , I promise I'll get better after this . Much love xx💗

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