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Pen Your Pride


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"Hey, four eyes!" I was startled by an Australian accented girls voice, making me drop my books as I walked through the courtyard to my next class. That voice is all to familiar and authentic. Not because she was the only Aussie here, she's not, I was Aussie, but because there was something else with it. It had a natural flirtatious rasp to it. I crushed over that voice from day one.

I was picking up my books when I saw familiar combat boots in my line of sight. No doubt, this was my crush. Eliza Tucker. I quickly picked up my books and stood up and walked past her. Or would have, but she stopped me.

"Woah, where you going, glasses? I'm not done with you." I looked up at Eliza.

I smiled a bit, but looked down, "I-I've gotta get to class." The nervousness overwhelmed me.

Eliza looked shocked and looked behind her to her friends, "Woah, Marie, the brainiac speaks normal people words. Huh, what else can you do that is normal?"

"Uh.... uh." I stammered, she was too close to me. I couldn't think straight. You can't think straight if you aren't straight, so why are you trying?

"Cat caught your tongue? Weird for someone who always knows what they're saying." She paused and studied me hard. "Maybe she isn't a robot Liz." She exclaimed to one of her friends behind her.

"Damn it, I was so sure." Lindsey said, with a frown.

"Why don't you sit down on the ledge there, you fruit loop?" I obeyed her command, sitting on the ledge, setting my books to the side. God she looked beautiful. She had on leather jeans, that were ripped at the knees and expressed her curves, black combat boots, and a sleeveless two-toned, red and black, ACDC shirt, that fit tightly but perfectly to her body.

She got closer to me and I swallowed hard. "I-I'm gonna be l-late for class." My stuttering got worse with the closeness of her.

"You're right, I should probably stop pestering the book worm." She looked down from my eyes to my nose, giving me a smirk. "Here, let me help you with that."

"W-wha-" I cut my self off as she brought her hand closer to my face and used her middle finger to push my glasses up on my nose. I was pretty sure I was blushing, big time. I stared as her hand lingered there for some time.

She snapped me out of my trance, "You're really going to be late if you keep sitting there, glasses." She smirked and I quickly picked up my books and stepped around her. "See you around, four eyes." I darted for the door across the one that I came in from and heard high-fives being made. The last thing I heard was, "To easy." from Eliza as I pushed through the door, for sure I was going to be late. I didn't care, I got to see Eliza a little closer than the other times she's made fun of me for being smart. I don't even consider it her making fun of me. It was actually better than the other people that had did it before she came. They had even stopped, Eliza was the only one who did it everyday. At least it's only one and not everyone.


Prologue of The Bad Girl's Nerd. How do you like it? It's so cute I think. This is going to go slow, really slow. They're in no rush, they're teenagers. Plus it's an Elycia AU. By the way, since they're both Aussie there will be a lot of slang usage. This book is also set in the future, 2188 to be exact and a little after. Also, there may be some usage of character names from the 100 and maybe other shows, you can go ahead and just assume they're those characters, I guess. Anyway, I love you creampuffs, ai hod yu in.

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