Beautiful Beautiful [4] To Find a Mate

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"But that doesn't mean you can force me to find a mate so early. You and Mother held the ceremony when you turned twenty." Stephen interjects, not quite comprehending the mating issue. His mother had married a century ago. Literally. Even now they weren't even near deaths door and here their pushing the whole "have babies" onto him. That was definitely not in his agenda.

"I know that, but things have been happening. Kingdoms don't seem to be cooperating again and I'm afraid we might have a little more than a disagreement with the Southern kingdom than we thought." The king said much to his disdain, showing that a little more of a disagreement was going on between their two kingdoms.

"Are you saying war is likely?" Stephan inquires with an expressionless tone. His sense though, zone in as his body straightens. He wasn't an eighteen-year-old anymore when he appeared like this. He was a prince, waiting the day he become king and the commander of his father's forces. A true force to be reckoned with.

"Possibly." The kings said gravely.

"But why the mate issue? Even if we go to war, you'll still be the king." Stephan remarks simply, still seeing no reason to have someone at his side so early.

"It's because, soon you'll become of age and will need a wife in order to keep the family name. There are those, even loyal nobles in our land that wouldn't give to have the throne to themselves." His father's face darkens at this. For years now the nobles, though loyal to their king, cannot help by image the day their bloodline would rule over the kingdom. Though no one dares to challenge their ruler's wishes, they have unspoken wishes for the king to retire early so that their hands would be on the throne. Stephan knew this all too well.

"..How long do I have?" He finally asks, his eyes gazing towards the sky, seeing as a hawk soar among the blue abyss.

A lookout.

He knew the guard's name to be Auburn Red-Tail, a young but, very dedicated boy who scouted the area for any oncoming danger or visitors. The boy has very sharps vision, and lived up to his family's bloodline. He was even pretty close friends with him.

"You have still your ninetieth birthday, four months from now to find your life mate. That's when you will be considering taking the thrown from me and baring the crest that I wear today." His father's voice drew him from his thoughts, frowning when he realizes his time.

That short huh? Stephan thought grimly, keeping his gaze from expressing his discomfort. There was one question that was still bothering him.

"Alright, but what if I don't find one? What then?" He inquires softly; hopping his mother sharp hearing wasn't listening in. Of course that was crushed when he hears his mother stern voice.

"We already decided that for you." She states as she makes her way to her husband and son, silver eyes gazing over them smugly.

"What?" Stephen questions slightly, now looking over to meet his mother's eyes

"If you don't find a life mate, we have agreed to have the Southern princess to be your bride in order to help our little disagreements with each other." She explains causally, not even hiding the fact she was not smiling as her son's displeased appearance.

"Thera." Stephan retorts, knowing all too well of the southern princess.

" Yes Thera. Your childhood friend right?" The king says while glancing over to his son, seeing him silently shake his head.

"Was...but not anymore." Stephan remarks crudely, hating the old memories that were over flooding his thoughts, old thoughts that should have been left under lock and key in the back door of his mind. Back than as a child he wouldn't have minded the thought of being with Thera for the rest of his life, but now, he would rather be exiled than ever be near her.

"Stephan it is not becoming of a prince to hold grudges against others. Just give her a chance-" His mother tries protesting but, was quickly silences with a swift glare from the man, leaving her speechless.

"I know my place Elvira but that doesn't mean I'll like it. I will find my mate before you can even name Thera as the future Queen of our Western Kingdom of Avian." He states, knowing in his heart he would never want to be beside that woman.

"What could she have done to you that's made you so cold? You were never like this as a child."The queen murmurs, her eyes down casting as though remembering the days when he was but a mere boy, a boy who had actually listen to his mother. Stephan only shakes his head at this.

"I was blind back then."He remarks, running one of his hands into his dark locks as he turned to were their kingdom lay. From their home on the rocky side of the mountains, he could see the evergreen plains, cities and far of towns that held a slip of freedom. If he could just go beyond those hills, maybe he could visit the humans, and see their way of life. Though he knew most don't tolerate his kind, he couldn't help but be fascinated with the weak creatures.

"Blind of what-"Elvira began, but was quickly cut off when her husband had gently laid a hand upon her shoulder, shaking his head at his wife in order to silence her.

"Elvira, let the boy go. If you upset him anymore we will not hear the end of it until we our in our own graves." The king said wisely, gazing at his son that seemed lost in another world. A world that was probably better left unspoken of.

"Dear we are not humans; we have triple the life spand than what they have."The queen argues with a huff but the king ignores her. He knew their immortality was far greater than those mortals, but he never gloated about it. Living for so long can make one see the world differently at times.

"I know, but that just means longer for us to bear his rage." He explains under his breath, hoping his son wouldn't over hear his words. His son was quit the mischief maker, if not the instigator in the family. He had three daughters and expected one to rebel, but finds his son who has taken that role. Things are quite backwards in this place.

"Well seeing as we are all at some sort of agreement, I'll be leaving for town." Stephan remarks causally, seeing that there was nothing else to start packing and prepare for what was to come.

"And what will you do there? Mingle and waist your precious time as a bachelor. All the while I'll go make your wedding preparations to your betroth."His mother boasts, chuckling as the young man resists from rolling his eyes. Instead he just turned his back on her and began to walk away before looking over his shoulder and smirks.

"Nope, I'm going to go look for my mate." He declares simply as he made his way towards the manor in order to grab what things he'll need. Once past that, he would be free to begin his journey for this suppose mate.

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