Chapter 11

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"No Mira stop I dont want you to hurt her... I saw her with Jellal at the park and it looked like she was on a date with him." she says as she looks down at the floor.

I put my hand face and lift up her chin.


Lucy's POV:

Mira held my chin and pulled my face towards her. I knew where this was going but i really didn't care right now because it felt right as of now. I closed my eyes and leaned forwards until i felt her soft pink lips touch mine. My hands cupped her cheek pulling her closer to apply more pressure on our lips.

She licked my bottom lips requesting for an entrance and I obliged. Her tongue explored every corner of my mouth leaving no area unexplored. She put her hands on my waist as my arms wrapped around her neck, pulling us closer.

I knew this was wrong, but it helped me forget. Mira walked us closer to my bed picking me up and softly laying me on the bed.

Mira's POV:

I laid Lucy on the bed while we were still kissing. When we disconnected we both looked at each other in the eyes. Looking at Lucy I knew what she felt wasn't love. This isn't right I couldn't do this.

"I'm sorry Lucy I can't do this.... You're Erza's girlfriend and I know that she wouldn't do something like this to anyone."

Lucy kept silent.

" Erza is one of the most loyal and loving people i know."
" Lucy right now you aren't you, come on your drunk. Let's get you cleaned up and tomorrow you are going to go talk to Erza about what happened".

Slowly I picked Lucy up bridal style and placed her on a chair until I filled the tub with warm water. After she stripped herself of her clothes I placed in her tub cleaning her.

Le time skip after bath

At last after placing Lucy on the bed she finally fell asleep. I smiled slightly knowing she was tired. Poor girl was crying for at least 2 hours. I kissed her cheek before leaving the apartment.

Hey guys sorry for such a long wait. I would give an excuse but I'm just very lazy. What did you guys think of the chapter do you guys want lucy x Mira, lucy x Erza, or both. Ok bye.😁


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