Douche Nozzle.

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Vaughn rubs his hands together like one of those evil cartoon characters, and smiles wide

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Vaughn rubs his hands together like one of those evil cartoon characters, and smiles wide. He turns and runs to his car.

I turn and glare at Chase, "What is so funny?"

"I'm sorry, you looked freaked out."

"Yeah, just a bit.", I put my hands on my hips, "You have some big balls doing that!"

He laughs again, "Maybe one day you'll see how big."

I stiffen, holy crap! He did not just say that!

He gets in my face, "I'm kidding, V. Let's have a race to win."

Chase walks me to my car, I open the door and get into the driver side leaving the door open because Chase is standing in between my door and the car. He kneels down, he stares at me and he looks like he wants to say something but remains quiet. He stands and looks down,"Kick ass, V." then walks away without another world, or waiting for me to say anything back.

I close the door and start up my car. Putting the car in reverse, back out and drive to the lineup. Vaughn is waiting for me, and I pull up next to him. There's a couple cars ahead of us, so the wait time is a bit longer than I'd like. No matter how many times I've done this, or plan to do this. It never fails to get my blood pumping, my heart racing, It's a feeling like no other. I'm starting to sweat, even though the windows are wide open, but with the amount of cars around us the air is mostly hot exhaust fumes. For couple minutes we coast forward until we're up next. I look over at Vaughn, who is putting on his face mask, while bopping around to his music. I shake my head, gawd he's a dork. He looks over and stops what he's doing to slice his pointer finger across his neck,  universal sign for 'you're dead'. I laugh, make a fist and smash it into my palm, then point to him. He puts on his helmet, I follow suit. First, my mask then helmet. The cars in front us take off, two minutes later we're motioned forward. I move the car up, slowly. Lining up until the light on the tree shines bright. "I got this." I chant to myself, "Kick ass." My sole focus is on the tree, my feet are ready to shift, both hands on the steering wheel.

My heart is pounding. I take in a deep breath and exhale.


Boom. Boom.


Boom. Boom.


Deep Breath.


I push on the gas, relieving my right foot off the clutch, and take off. I push into the back of my seat, as I push my car to the rev line.


My surroundings blur by me, I can see Vaughn's car in my peripheral vision, he's slightly ahead. I press down on the gas pedal.

Rev Line.


My exhaust is loud, filling the car with nothing but the loud hum.

Rev Line.


The nose of my car is passing his.

"Yes!" I whisper, my lips split into a smile wide.

Rev Line.


All of a sudden his car disappears and I pass the finish line. I begin the process of down shifting and breaking, glancing in my rear view as I do this. Vaughn is pretty far behind, obviously something happened. I've slowed down and pull up next to the time booth, the guy hands me my time slip, "Nice job!" I give him a thumbs up as I pull away from the booth. I take the U and drive towards our spot, parking next to Jeremy's car. The crew comes over shouting and hollering. I pull off my helmet and mask. Vaughn pulls up shortly after, he rips off his helmet, and jumps out of his car before I've even opened my door.

"What the hell happened dude?" Vance yells to Vaughn, busting his balls.

"Redo, V!" He completely ignores everyone and stalks to my driver side.

"What?!" I toss my helmet into my passenger seat.

"I missed a gear."

I burst out laughing, and open my door, "This just proves who the better driver is." I point to myself and put my arms over the top of my door. 

"Bullshit. We need to do it over."

I move away from my door, walking until I'm standing in front of him, I put my hands on my hips, "I don't think we do."

He huffs, "I fucked up. Hardy har har. It wasn't a fair race, I had you."

I sigh because he's right. It wasn't exactly a fair race. "Fine."

He jumps back in his car.

"Wait, now?" I yell.

"Hell yeah!"


He backs out before I'm even in my car. I should've just told him to suck it up, he's a crap driver and leave it at that. "Douche Nozzle." I mumble to myself. 

I shift into reverse and meet him at the line up.

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