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It was a warm sunny day. The sun shining so bright it blinded the two people standing in the middle of the road.

Damon Salvatore stood in front of his one true love, Victoria Gilbert. Heartbroken, sad and half drunk. He had been drinking all day, fighting with his brother and Elena.

He didn’t want to do what he was about to do, but he had no choice. It was all to protect her, Victoria. Damon looked into Victoria’s emerald, green, innocent eyes and let out a panicked breath.

Was he ready to send his wife away? Could he even send the love of his life away?  Of course he could, especially since it’s for her protection.

Grabbing Victoria’s shoulders Damon looked into her eyes and let out a breath, his pupils dilating as he started to speak.

"I hope you can forgive me one day Victoria. I love you no matter what happens. This is the most selfish thing that I have ever done and I know you're going to hate me for it, but I have to do this. It’s all for your safety, baby.” Damon spoke softly, lightly brushing his hand over Victoria’s cheek.

“You're going to forget about your life here in Mystic Falls, and you're going to forget about your brother Jeremy, your sister Elena. You’re going to forget your best friends Caroline, Bonnie, Tyler, Matt and Stefan.”

Breathing in Damon let a stray tear fall down his pale face. He looked at Victoria trying to swallow the sob that was pushing its way up his chest.

She was the one girl that restored his humanity.

Who made him feel human.

"You're going to live the life that you deserve and you're going to travel anywhere you want. As much as it will hurt me, you’re gonna find someone that you will love you and treat you how you deserved to be treated. You won’t get hurt again because you will be out of my life, and by doing that, you will be out of this life of supernatural creatures that will harmyou. You're going to get married, have kids and live the life that you deserve. I want you to forget about me and forget all those nights, kisses- even our wedding day- and everything that we've been through. But I want you to keep this necklace and never take it off, you understand me? This represents our love and the promise we made on our wedding day. All you’re going to know is, it’s a gift from your loved one and you shouldn’t take it off.”

Crystal tears fell down Damon’s face as he pulled out the silver chian that held two silver wedding rings. Stepping closer to Victoria so his chest touched hers, Damon placed the necklace around Victoria’s neck.

Wiping away his tears he played with Victoria’s blonde hair unable to look into her eyes anymore.

Was he really sending the women he loved away? If those Hybrids found her they would kill her in a heartbeat and Damon wasn’t ready for that. He would rather her be far away from him with no memory than being in danger and maybe god forbid killed.

Cupping Victoria’s face Damon let out a breathe, his pupils dilating as he began to speak.

"All you're going to know is that you were in a car crash with your family and sister. If anyone asks you about your past, you're going to say that you don't remember anything because of the car crash. You lost your memory and don't remember anything because you were in a coma for 3 months. You don't remember anything about the last 4 years of your life." He paused for a minute, taking in a deep breath as more tears streamed down his pale face.

Damon Salvatore known as the bad-ass vampire, never cried. And now he stood vulnerable and broken in front of his wife. The women he loved so deeply, the women who he choose to stay with for the rest of his eternal life.

Looking at Victoria’s blank, clueless face Damon let out a loud sob as he remembered all the nights they spent together, all the kisses they shared, all the fights they had and finally realising that he’ll never be able to do that again, because he will never see his wife again.

Looking into Victoria’s crystal eyes for the last time, Damon spoke his voice unable to be heard as he softly touched her cheek.

"I love you, Victoria; never forget that. I will always love you, and maybe one day you will forgive me and realise this was for your own benefit"

Removing his hands of Victoria’s face Damon took in a deep breath before speeding into the forest at an inhuman speed, thick glossy tears falling down his face. It was time to bring up the walls that Victoria had broken through them like a wrecking ball; it was time for badass- no humanity Damon.

Running through the forest away from his wife who stood in the middle of the road clueless, with a blank expression, Damon caught sent of fresh human blood…

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