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WHAT IF THE DEVIL WAS A LIE? WHAT IF GOD DID NOT EXSIST- Thats as far as my alarm clock had gotten before I slammed my hand on the snooze button. I rolled out of bed and decided to get some coffee. I saw Grace on the couch still asleep and I sadly had to be the one to wake her up. I lightly pushed her arm. "get up dude" "oh my god five more minutes..." I didnt wanna deal with her so I firgured now I should wake up Adam. I walked back to the bedroom and yelled "WAKE UP!!" Which caused him to jump up what seemed like 3 feet off the bed and fall on the floor. "what the fuck?!" "go get Grace up she wont listen to me" he crawled to the door, got up, and walked off. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see my shortish black hair a mess. I guess I should tell you what I look like. Im about 5'6 my hair is short and black, I have a nose piercing, I have about half a sleeve of tattoos, and have brown eyes. I brushed out my hair and decided just to straighten it then put on a beanie. after that I put on a thickish circle of eyeliner around my eyes. when I was finally satisfied I walked out to put on my 'fuck you and your fucking bubblemint shirt',Amanda has the other ofcourse ( for those of you who dont know what shirt im talking about it says'fuck you and your fucking cigerette'), and a pair of black ripped skinnie jeans, and black combat boots, and a bunch of ruber bracletes to cover up my scars. I had been through alot when I was younger. From and abusive drunk for a father, who later died in a car crash, I was torn apart by it but also happy it would all stop. I had to go from foster home to foster home and got bullied each time. I later was able to leave though thank god, and now im here. I havent cut in a month or two though.. it still happens ...when I left the room Adam and Grace happened to be ready. Grace had her blounde hair pulled back into a pony tail and had purple booty shorts on that showed too much if you know what I mean, a low neck tank top and flip flops. Adam was wearing a bring me the horizon t-shirt, black jeans, and vans. "finally your ready lets go" I was about to slap her across the face when I remebered nothing would ruin this day for me. Nothing. We were gonna go in Adams car, which he never lets anyone drive. When I got to the car I was opening the passanger door when Grace steped in before I could. "thanks babe apreciate it" I kept repeating in my head...nothing will ruin this day, nothing will ruin this day....nothing...I hope.



like i said im gonna update everyday please tell me if you guys like it or not ok. like i said its my first and idk if im doing good or not. thanks bye :P

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