Sasuke's back?!

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(Note: I have a fight seen in this chapter so I woulf lile to apoligize for it b/c Im not an expert at scenes like these Im sorry lol.)

A sixteen year old, pink haired kunoichi strolled in the busy streets of konoha. Her friends weren't seen anywhere around the village as she predicted. They must be off on missions together without me because I am the only one in konoha 11 that is only been seen in the village so far so I must have been left out of it as always.

"Maybe their busy, they could be on a mission without me of course again," the girl sighed.

It hasn't been the first time that they went on a mission without her. There were multiple times when they acted out without her which she obviously could see that they don't want to be around her. It makes her feel offended that they find excuses to be away from her but what can she do about it, all she has is the hospital to work and tsunade to depend on for ninja work or training. She even wonders if anyone in the world acknowledges her presence.

Its not like she can stop them since they wouldn't bother with her. She continued to walk to her destination silently to the Hokage tower to meet Tsunade-sama. she always stops there to see if there is anything that she can do for Tsunade before she goes home to rest from her daily work at the Hostpital. Its always work that comes across her mind, since its the only way she can busy herself without feeling alone or a burden.

She knocked on the cold hard, wooden door in front of her. She heard a faint but firm voice,"Come in". She opened the door to reveal Tsunade, the fifth Hokage of the Hiffen Leaf Village sitting behind her desk doing paper work as always. She remembered that one time when she offered to give Tsunade a hand with the paper work but instead she had to do it all by herself since the lengendary sannin of course went out for "awhile" which was of course hanging out in the bar getting wasted.

"Sakura what brings you here?" asked lady Tsunade looking up from her paperwork. It was alot to be honest. Many piles of paper were on her desk behind her, and mostly stacked all over the place untouched as she has not finished with the current ones.

The girl bowed at the Hokage, "I just wanted to check if you need any help?"

"No, i'm fine im almost done with the paper work, somewhat but other than that I dont have anything else, is that all?" The older woman said going back to her paperwork.

"Right, are you sure there isn't anything else you need help beca-"

Tsunade interrupted the pink haired girl, "No sakura Its all right I got it handled, why dont you just relax. You push yourself on work too much, why dont you have yourself some free time today?". As her teacher, and head of the village she felt bad that sakura was always overworking herself she is just a teenager. She needs to have some freetime for herself as well.

"I just want to distract myself you know," sakura said tilting her head slightly.

Tsunade sighed, "you know its ok to feel alone sometimes but this is not the right way to busy yourself. Just relax, go home and rest do whatever that can help you get the stress off yourself. I can see it through your eyes that your tired especially with those dark circles that are visible under your eyes. Just listen to as I say trust me you dont want to be doing all of this junk". Tsunade looked at the stack of papers behind her. She could ask for help but her student shouldn't help with all of her work that she shouldn't do.

"Well if you insist Lady Tsunade"

"Now Let me get back to this dump, I wont be finishing anytime soon, if you need anything ill be in here because there won't be anywhere else to be than here".

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