Chapter 5- Meet Dallas

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Myra took a step back and shakily shoved her hand in her purse, searching for her keys. Rohan looked concerned. "Are you...are you alright?"

"I'm fine!" Myra said immediately, though she couldn't keep the tremble out of her voice. Her hand closed around the keys. "Hey, tell your parents to drive my parents home when the party's over; I'm taking the car."

"Myra, wait—"

But Myra didn't stick around to hear what he had to say. Heart thumping, she slid between party guests and hurried out the door. 


Myra pulled into her driveway, her rapidly beating heart finally slowing down. She took a shaky breath. That was close.

She picked up her phone and opened the text message from her mom.

Mom <3: Sweety, what's wrong??? Rohan said you went home, is everything alright?

Myra sighed and typed back.

Yeah, it's fine. I just felt really sick all of a sudden. I just need to rest. Enjoy the party. 

She thumped her head against the car seat. "Gah," she muttered quietly to herself. This was a disaster.

She got out of the car and walked up the steps of her back porch. The lights were out, so she moved slowly, avoiding the rocking chairs. She knelt next to a flower pot on the far side of the porch and felt around in the rim for the key.

Her hand, moving too quickly, knocked the key out of the pot and into the garden next to the porch. She fought the urge to curse under her breath. It was so dark out, she was going to have to feel around for the key, and her party dress wasn't exactly ideal for foraging around in the dirt. Sighing, she slipped off her heels. This night just kept getting worse and worse.

Just then, a bright light shone in her eyes. She shrieked and tumbled backwards, knocking over one of the rocking chairs and landing on her side. A burst of pain exploded in her hip.

"Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! Shoot, let me help you up." Blinking away the afterimage, Myra looked up to see none other than Bryn Cavanagh hoping up onto the porch, flashlight in hand.

She held her other hand out to Myra. Myra grabbed it and allowed Bryn to haul her up. The moment she let go of her hand, Myra found herself missing its warmth.

Bryn lifted the flashlight. "You looked like you were stumbling around in the dark, so I figured you might need a light."

"You are a lifesaver," Myra said in relief. "I dropped my house key in the garden and I had no idea how I would've found it."

"Why didn't you use the light on your phone?"

Myra paused for a moment. "Oh my gosh," she groaned, burying her face in her hands. "I am so stupid."

"Hey, don't say that," Bryn said gently. "You look like you've had a tough night. Here, why don't you sit down, and I'll get that key."

Myra began to protest, but Bryn held up a finger. "Sit."

Myra obeyed with a secret flush of happiness. She was exhausted.

"So," Byrn said, hopping off the porch. "Any particular reason why you're locked outside the back door of your house this late at night?"

Myra slumped in the chair a little too vigorously and it rocked back dangerously hard. She took a moment to steady herself before sighing. "'s a long story."

"Let's hear it," Bryn called, now crouching on the ground.

Myra sighed again. She hadn't told anyone about this other than Abir and Gabriel...but she wanted to trust Bryn. She wanted to trust her so badly.

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